Bosch 500 Series 18' vs 24'

NYC-GuyFebruary 14, 2012

Is there a difference in performance? The reality is we will rarely generate enough dishes to fill a full size dishwasher (unless we run a cycyle every 2 weeks!).

I read an earlier post where someone questioned the ability of 18" to clean as well as a 24".

Does anyone have any experience with this?

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It will do a better than average job.

But, 18" ers have a built in disadvantage because their tub is rectangular in shape. This means that the spray arm(s) don't cover a larger portion of the corners compared to a 24" version which has a square shaped tub.

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Some dishwashers have the ability to do a half load. The downside is you have to load just the bottom rack. When I was looking I thought Bosch also had one.

Have you thought about dish drawer type washers?

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Haven't considered them. How do they compare in cleaning and price?

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Google dish drawers to see who makes the various models and prices. You should probably start a new thread asking about the drawers that are of interest. If each unit is considered separate, then I would also assume (if you stack) that you will need dual drains, electrical, and water supplies. I have no experience with actually using one.

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the Fisher Paykel drawer(s) clean as well or better than average, priced comparable to the bosch 18" models.

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