Panel Ready Dishwashers- Any Updates?

zalmarkFebruary 1, 2012

Just wondering if there are any updates from folks who purchased their panel ready DW a number of months ago. We will be living in a very rural area so worried about service. (I was told by the local appliance store that it took 4 months to get the bigwig- city father a part to his Bosch so now they won't carry) (Ok..have one..not impressed).

Panel ready high end seems like Miele, low Fagor which I can't find. The Miele installation nightmares are worrisome for that amount of money. Will try to call them tomorrow to find out about service "over yonder".

Sears is local....panel ready Kenmore Elite anyone?


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kitchenaid has panel ready dishashers as well. good luck!

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I can't see bosch parts taking any longer than any other brand. First they are popular units, second, they are now sold in mainstream locations like sears and lowes, and third and most important all but the highest end models are made here. I would think that there would be stockpiles of parts.

What miele installation nightmares are you referring to?

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"The Miele installation nightmares are worrisome"

to what nightmares are you referring?

parts from Sears can take 4 months too , but that is a very rare case and it must have been a rare part that has no stock stateside AND was out of stock in Europe as well.

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Fori is not pleased

I had a Fisher Paykel paneled DW until I moved. No problems whatsoever.

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Re Miele - problems where folks pd for "special" service and didn't get the quality or didn't have things exactly right and Miele wouldn't install. With all of the info here I think I can manage to be sure I have everything preped properly but I live in RURAL Pa and am sure that the contractors won't have any experience with the brand ...a second trip by Miele would be costly I am sure.
Re Bosch 4 month wait for part: yes i agree, the story from the local town appliance store seemed odd.
Tx all.

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Zalmark, you can have any good installer or plumber install a Miele DW. You get an extra year of warranty with the Miele certified installers.

Just about every major maker has panel ready dishwashers. They usually are only the top of the line units/prices because the people who want them usually want all the bells and whistles. Sometimes the major companies will keep a previous top of the line in their books as a second or even third tier unit and continue to offer it as panel ready. Or maybe they just have them in the warehouse. :) I've seen that in the Whirlpool book, for instance. The big dealer book, not the brochure.

I'm sure your appliance dealer can order panel ready in whichever kind you like. Usually the interior is pretty much the same, perhaps with an extra fold down or special basket. You can read the manuals for the features online at the manufacturers' websites.

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I do love, love, love my KA kuds60. The only problem some might find is the unit is very deep. For me it was not an issue since we installed custom cabinets. It is very quiet, does an amazing job, is fully intergrated and it loads up very efficiently.

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