Keyless entry

countryhamJanuary 22, 2006

1995 Ford Tarus. Had to install new battery and now the keyless entry will not work with any remote. electric

buttons in car work fine. any ideas??????

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I know on some cars, the keyless (remote) entry has to be reprogrammed after new batteries, etc. Checked the owner's manual for a sequence to use? Are there Ford-specific Web sites out there that might have the answer (I know there are for my VW)?

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I also have a 95 Ford Taurus and this has never happened to me. I have changed battery in car and battery in the key fob both. Which battery did you replace? Car or key fob?

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changed car battery,

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I replaced my car battery late year and had no such problem. I guess I can't help you. I guess if it were me I'd replace the battery on one of my key fobs and see if that does anything.

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