Wanted to share a great CL find!!

rjingaDecember 9, 2009

this is just too good to be true (well depending on what I find in these boxes!)


Estate Truck Load For Sale - $100


For sale is a truck load of 30+ boxes that came from an old friend who was 84 yr. old. I do not have the space or time to sell these items. I would like this truck load to be gone in at least a week to week in a half. In this load is vintage perfume bottles, vintage sprite bottles, vintage Avon, vintage glass, and many many more. This is a great opportunity to resale or give some as gifts to those who collect vintage items. Please contact xxxxxxx Thanks...

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did you buy it?
Remember...if it seems too good to be true...it probably isn't.
Good luck!
Linda C

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"remember if it seems to good to be true...it probably isn't? You mean is probably is? (too good to be true)

The post was done last night at 9:30, I saw it at 10:30 and emailed right away. It was too late to call. I called this morning and left a message. The lady emailed me back this afternoon and said I could come and look/pick up.

Well I guess whether or not it's too good to be true depends what's inside. IF my DH inherited a load of dusty boxes from a family member or friend, and it had been in storage or whatever, he would do the same thing this person is, unload it because he wouldn't want to mess around with it. Having no idea what was inside, he wouldn't even care!! He'd aoutomatically think it was a bunch of junk.

ME on the other hand, would open every box and see what was there and I sure as heck wouldn't sell it without knowing what's inside the boxes. But that's the honest to goodness difference between us.

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Have you gone to check it out yet?
Me personally, I'm not too keen on old Avon stuff, etc.
But I know a lot of people who have scored some amazing finds buried in boxes sold as lots at auction, etc. So you just never know what buried treasure might be in there! ;)

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Well my persistance paid off, the lady got a zillion calls, and I had emailed and then called her a bunch of times (wasn't sure if her number was working) and she has put me first on the list. So we are going to meet Friday. I think it will be worth the investment. I will be optomistic that I will find some goodies that will be worthwhile! I'll keep you posted

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It all depends on how "vintage" those avon and perfume bottles are....
The bottom has pretty well fallen out of the "collectable" market....things without intrinsic value are not in big demand.
Linda C

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If the 84 yr old lady inherited stuff from older relatives could be a treasure hunt. If she was a modern lady might not be so good, maybe just Avon later stuff some of those pretty plates that cost so much but you wouldn't be able to sell for much in this economy but if she lets you look at some of it would be worth it. I've had friends die that had 200 sets of salt & peppers(I didn't want them) crafts & paint & expensive brushes which I did want. I hubby offered me some old xmas papers & ribbons, the stuff was so bad I tossed it, ribbon just fell apart. Another lady went in nursing home, her old yarn was priced like new & I didn't buy much of anything at her "estate sale" 1 friend had wonderful stuff, cranberry glass,Cinderella with the coach, depression dishes all over the place. That would have been a treasure but family kept it all. Hope you get lucky!!

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Sounds like a dream to me. In a truckload of pretty old stuff, there is bound to be at least one treasure. Heck I find a treasure in every box at an auction. In 30 boxes, oh yeah! Avon, not so much, but hidden treasures quite possible. I hope whomever buys it will share what they find.

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How fun! keep us posted! and pics of the mass of boxes unopened and then of any treasures!

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I'm on pins and needles waiting til tomorrow evening. We have arranged a 6pm meeting. I will definitely take pictures and share what I find with you all :)

I believe (keeping my fingers crossed) that I will find a few things of interest and/or value and even if I have to sell it all for $1 a piece, and there are only 100 items in the 30 boxes, I'll get my money back. but clearly there are more than 100 items in 30 boxes!! so I think I cant go wrong, and oh what fun it will be to search through it all!!!

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I'm with you on the search.....
But I sure hope it's not all Avon bottles!
Lay it out and post pictures!
Linda C

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You are getting the "bug" My brother started going to auctions out here & he got hooked. Sometimes he bought a "lot unseen" & got a beautiful set of fine Craftsmen tools with the rollaround chest & some other things for a very small amount. But wasn't long before he got some bad deals in the "unseen lots" group as 1 was rotting old Christmas papers & dirty clothes. Kind of ended his fun. We will be back to see how you did!!Drive safe!!

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Good luck! Looking forward to seeing your 'haul'!

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Well, I've returned with booty in tow. back of her truck full successfully unloaded and my SUV (seats down) still filled up!

I'm having very mixed feelings at the moment. Seems like a very mixed bag (of course I have not come anywhere near seeing a fraction of what is in this PILE of boxes. I'm somewhere between the beautiful set of craftsment toos and the dirty laundry. HAHA, there was actually a fake fur stole/shawl, complete with the very old looking tags, made in france, tre chic! And then about 50 wicker baskets!! I did spot a few china platters and a few older looking crocks..lots of old bottles, and only one small box of avon perfume bottles. there were also a few very large old prints, some with unique frames, and the frame on one was easily 4 feet long and 2 or more feet wide some picture of an antique store, how appropriate!!! so it will indeed be a treasure hunt. I'll be figuring out a way to sort through it all. Sale pile, sally's pile. I'll keep you posted!

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Some of those crocks might be worth $$. (I love old crocks. ;)
Can you put the Antique store picture up in your booth (as display, not for sale) ?

Sounds like you're going to be busy all weekend, lol!

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I'm having serious "box of junk" envy! What fun to go through everything and see what's there! The moments I savor! Have fun!

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STILL RAINING, and I have all this stuff out near my greenhouse covered with plastic tarps. I sure hope I find some worthwhile stuff. OH the anxiety :)

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Murphy's law. If anything can go wrong, it will go wrong. Hope it stops raining before your "good stuff" gets ruined.

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Tap tap tap......
Waiting for pictures......
Or else I may be looking for my own "box of junk" fix!!

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I've been out of town and just saw this post...you know, even if it is all things that aren't incredibly valuable, you can donate it to Goodwill and make a profit on it just by listing the items separately and valuing them on your taxes at Goodwill prices. A backup idea just in case.

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RAIN RAIN GO AWAY...well here's a glimpse of was described as the "vintage" avon bottles. These were the easiest to spot, on small box. So far I have found some very interesting old bottles and almost NO glassware. I have a bad feeling that I've been duped on this. But like flyleft so cleaverly pointed out, IF I find nothing sellable or even if I only find a few things, I'll donate the rest and get a tax deduction.

There are only a few of these that appear to be unique, the owl, the blue pitcher looking one, the silver one by the owl, the one in front of the sprite bottle

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hmmm, hopefully there will be more (better) in other boxes.
fly's idea is a good one.
Another thought, kind of a pain, but if you find 10 that might get $10 on ebay, or even $20 that might get $5, you've at least got your $$ back. Big pain dealing with it all tho. Not sure what stuff like that does on ebay, either.

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Ok, a few more positive finds, did a little searching to find some comparisons to this little beauty, here's something similiar, but I think mine is prettier. And then some vintage fabric, that (aside from smelling old) might be of interest to someone.

One from the same maker, same color, lining etc.


This is the one I have, it is in perfect condition:

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You found a faux fur coat in one of the boxes?!
It's pretty!
Wear it! ;D

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Ummm...proving to be an interesting melange of "stuff" indeed. Can't wait to see what else might be in the mix. Good luck on finding the JACKPOT!

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Fori is not pleased

I love the brand name on that coat. FurrAGE!

What fun. It's like having a dead relative without having to lose someone!

(If that comes off as sarcastic, it's not meant to be. I mean it! Hope you find something worthwhile, or at least have some good entertainment! =)

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Yep....sometimes just digging through the box is more fun than dinner and a show!
And cheaper than a psychiatrist!
Linda c

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Well, little by little I have been able to go through the boxes. The cursory review/sort is just that. Sort out what "appears" to be sellable, box up what's not.

I just filled the back of my SUV with "the stuff that's NOT" and so far, I have found a few interesting things. Of ocurse the fur coat, a few neat old frames, an old wood table with bad legs, but a good top. I'll have to figure out with the old bottles, what's what. that will take some time.

There has been a mix of old vintage dishes (looks like something we might have had in the 70-80's. And a hodpodge of china plates, platters, and such.

Still LOTS of work ahead, but here are some pictures not necessarily some of the best stuff, but maybe worthwhile (the larger bean pot has the blue crown symbol on it meant to turn it so it would show. Many of the china dishes were wrapped up in woman's slips and old pajama bottoms, etc. The bean crocks, were burried in a box of junky xmas decorations, which about didn't catch my attenion.

This woman had more wicker than any human being should ever be allowed to have.

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