What has etched your bathroom marble, polished or honed?

martinca_gwFebruary 16, 2012

Honed marble soon to be installed on master bath vanity. I've done the research and expect etching, but most refer to kitchens and food issues. Would those of you with marble in your baths please share the products you've found to be the most problematic. Forewarned, etc. Huge TIA!!

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Contact lens (saline) solution ruined our polished marble vanity top.

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Leaving shampoo bottles on our polished marble shower bench for a few hours etched it.

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Sorry, I meant to say honed marble shower bench.

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A little drop of Lysol toilet cleaner etched the polished marble tile within seconds, could probably be polished out easily but now I am extra careful to avoid that happening again. No stains or etching from shampoo and bodywash so far.

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We have polished carrera. Honestly, I haven't noticed any etching. Im sure it's there, so maybe its the lighting in the room. There's a small scratch on mine, we put a drill on it when installing window treatments. No one would notice it but me. I do occasionally notice a ring from the hand soap bottle or shampoo but it fades after a few days. We've been in the house for 18 months.

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I think Mom said it was Windex that etched hers and she wiped it up pretty fast too--Dad grabbed his buffer and made it all pretty again.

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Our tile guy said we should put in honed carrara marble in our new bath. We have had a dark polished emperador marble on our vanity and it showed water marks and etching horribly. Some kind of face cleaner made a huge ring on it which is one of the reasons I am going to do honed white marble instead this time.

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A friend warned me that toothpaste etched her marble, but ours looks good since it was installed last May.

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Thanks to all for your replies. I think toothpaste and liquid hand soap are said to be culprits. I'm glad I decided on honing as I can live with stains, far easier than etching. I'LL be more vigilant , and at the same time not focus on the imperfections.

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