98 Pontiac Grand am problem

angel123January 27, 2007

My Pontiac Grand am se 98 3.5 4 cylinder wants to die out on me when im at a red light, or i put it on stop sign. Then i press the gas pedal and it goes. The needle on the rpm that says 1 it flips up and down to 1 then the needle goes down to 0 like it wants to stop on me. It feels like the fuel is getting cut off, another words when i put my feet on the brake the car wants to stop the rpm needle goes down to 0 then jumps to 1. When im driving it or pressing the gas its fine on the highway. HELP!!!

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By any chance has the battery been replaced or disconnected lately? My son's 03 Galant had the exact same issue after the battery was replaced. It drove us crazy trying to figure out how to get the computer to relearn the idle. Until we read the owners manual about replacing the battery, that said to let it idle for 10 minutes after reaching operating temp. It worked. This might not be your issue. But I thought I'd use your post to bring to light what can happen when the battery is disconnected. Good luck with it.

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Your problem is likely being caused by a dirty or defective throttle position sensor. Get a Haynes or Chilton manual, they both will show where sensor is and how to remove it. Many public libraries have complete sets of thede manuals, many times simply cleaning the part will fix things

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Are you sure about that 3.5 4 cylinder engine? GM made a 3.5 6 cylinder engine not a 4 cylinder. How about a 2.4 4 cylinder or a 3.1 6 cylinder.

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