Should I return a dented refrigerator?

sh3allFebruary 7, 2012

A new refrigerator I received from Home Depot last week had a dent near the back left side corner (about 1/2 inch deep and bulging slightly in the back). The dent resulted in a sharp edge on the corner.

The 18.1 cu ft refrigerator was clearance item ($339) and the manager said he would take another %15 off for the dent. He also said I could return the item and get a refund.

My concerns are:

1. Something internally may be damaged in the dented area.

2. The warranty is voided because of the damage.

Is the warranty still valid? Also, what's located in the back left corner of the refrigerator? What could be damaged in that area?



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asolo didn't ask that cooperative manager those questions? They're quite reasonable and I would expect him to be responsive.

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I did ask the manager and he said yes. I just wanted to validate his response.

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Not all refrigerators are designed the same ... so the best way to determine what may be at the left-rear corner is by examining it yourself, or by posting the model number so someone can be helpful and look up the details.

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The problem we have had with any kind of item like that we have bought was they assured us at the time it would be under warranty but when we took it in for a problem, they found that some circumstance on the inside(like soda was spilled in it or someone tried to work on it or whatever)and that voided the warranty.

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"I just wanted to validate his response.'

because the collective here has any power to speak for a Depot manager ???

They are a pretty good outfit , so I'd expect his word to be good enough,


the terms of your agreement are spelled out on your order sheet - the 8.5 x 11 horizontal sheet that describes what you are/were buying.

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If it were me, I'd probably return the dented fridge unless you can ascertain that the damage is just cosmetic. On the other hand, for $288 (339 - 15% discount), you could just take your chances. Even if they don't honor the warranty, at that price you could just toss it and buy at new one without too much remorse.

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You can also call GE or Whirlpool or whomever made the fridge, give em the serial # and ask them if it's still under warranty.

The warranty is with them , not the Depot anyway. Easier to do that then arrange for transportation of a fridge back to the store.

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The issue isn't really whether it's under warranty now - the issue will be if the manufacturer will honor the warranty if there's a problem and the manufacturer realizes the fridge had prior damage. Someone else on this forum recently had that issue with a high-end fridge that they bought online that had shipping damage.

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