are you happy with etodoors?

michoumonsterJanuary 28, 2012

Hi all, I learned about etodoors from this forum and am thinking of getting a front entry door from them. I wanted to see if any of you purchased any of your exterior doors from them and if you are still happy with the quality and if it has held up well? i read a few reviews that mentioned warping and gaps, so this raised some concern, particularly since their doors are made from tropical hardwoods which sometimes are not as stable as domestic woods. I am in the bay area, a fairly mild climate, so i am hoping the doors wouldn't be affected too badly, but just want to get a few more data points before I make the decision.

thanks for any info!

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We bought a pair of mohogany patio doors back in '06 directly from their L.A. warehouse. So far no seperating, splitting, or warpage and we haven't put the final finish on yet, just a sealer. These are solid mohogany stiles, header, base which differs from most mfgr's that veneer over the components. There are arguments both ways which makes a more stable door. One that has fingerjointed inners with veneers or solids but no problems with our doors. If they were going to warp out, I'm sure it would it would have happened by now. We are building in the sierra's so a little differnce in humidity levels than the bay area I reckon.

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Sierraeast, sounds like it has held up well for you. thanks for your reply! how did you seal it by the way?

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Hi Michoumonster, We used waterlox marine primer/sealer. It's best if you can top coat with the finish, but we didn't make the time. It has held up well regardless. I think the ticket with any wood species door is to get it sealed/finsihed asap. ETO has pre-finished products as well although I didn't research the process they used. They had recently moved into their new location in the garment district when we got there and they took us around and showed where they milled, assembled the doors. They have a showroom of sorts but they have an area where they have tons of doors stored that you can walk through. They also ship doors out and from what I understand it's pretty reasonable. Like most businesses, they have had issues. Here's a link to the bbb.....

Here is a link that might be useful: bbb - ETO complaints

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sierraeast, thanks. is waterlox a brand of sealer or a type of sealer? i will be sure to request that one!
thanks for the link to the bbb too. i did read through that before. i also read a couple of other forums that had a few complaints and also some people really raved about their doors. the hard part is figuring out what is real and what is fake on the internet.
it really helps that a "real" person can give me some feedback. thanks so much!

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Waterlox is the brand name. It's most recognized for interior finishes for hardwood flooring. We went with the primer/sealer exterior with the intent of finishing with the topcoat as we are leaving the doors natural with no staining. We didn't get to the topcoat part of the show which luckily has turned out okay. It would be better to get them sealed/finished completely asap. The only hold up would be if there's a high moisture content in the wood of the door, but I doubt ETO would assemble doors without the wood being conditioned/dried to the proper content before milling/assembly. You are going to want to research what is the best bet for your doors according to wood species, how you want to finish, ( staining, oil rubbed on finish, varnish/polyurethane),etc.

Here is a link that might be useful: waterlox

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We bought 11 exterior french doors from ETO back in 2008, yes, my wife likes doors. Outswing doors have an inswing threshold. Inswings have cheapest threshold you can get. 4 of the doors were 0.5 inch too narrow (35.5" instead of 36") leaving huge gaps. They cut the door sweep on the inactive door for the bottom throwbolt leaving no weatherstipping for 1", you see light at the bottom of each door. The front door (arched with iron inserts) warped and split within the first year. It's under roof, minimal light and no rain can hit it. And we're in a mild climate, just south of Charlotte, NC.

I wouldn't use them again. I'm spending thousands to fix the issues now.


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Sounds like you better be patient Michou and see if there are any other negatives. Sorry to hear BP's bad experience. We milled our own jambs so we just purchased the doors only, not pre-hung. No issues but you should investigate further before ordering and consider other mfgr's that are reputable even if it means more money. Proper installs with a reliable finish are key with any wood door, but if they have issues before they even arrive, that's a bummer altogether. With those gaps and inferior thresholds, it seems you could have noted those problems before they were installed and rejected them. Your door hanger should have caught those problems when first inspecting the doors when they arrived. Again, sorry to hear about your bad experience with ETO.

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bdpeck, so sorry to hear of your problems with the eto doors! was wondering if you tried to contact their warranty department regarding your issues? it sounded like in the BBB reports that they were responsive. thanks for sharing your experience! i am also interested in getting a prehung arch door with ironwork, so this is very helpful and timely information.

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i hope i respond in time for you to see this. i ordered a specialty patio door for my home which was supposed to be here may 12th and it took weeks and weeks later to get it. when it finally came it was made the wrong height, the door handle in the middle panel was broken, the hinge on one panel was on the wrong side. I have sent them pictures of the door per their request over three weeks ago, i have called at least six times and was told they will get back to me , which they havent and have been told they will have to have their "people" review it and let me know. Come on guys, you made the door wrong!
This door was over five thousand dollars and i now have a 7 foot by 5 or 6 foot door that i had to pay extra to the contractor putting it in because it didnt fit and he had to spend so much time putting it in. Also air condtioning is pouring out of the bottom and sides because of the space where the door doesnt fit properly. And i am still waiting for an answer from ETO doors.
there is no way i would purchase from them again.

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Hi doorpoor, thanks for your feedback on etodoors. that is so frustrating! luckily, i did not go through with them, mainly because of the feedback I got from my post, plus i felt it was too big a risk (they quoted me over $5k for my custom doors) to buy a front door from an online vendor, so i opted to go local.
oddly, i only got a quote from etodoors and never bought, but i got several calls asking me to send in pics of my door if i was happy with my purchase with them-- which leads me to believe they are very disorganized there..
if you paid by credit card, perhaps you can try to get them to intervene on your behalf.. and sometimes starting a complaint with the BBB helps to speed along resolution also..
best of luck to you! and hope they will be able to make your order right!

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Hi bdpeck-charlotte and doorpoor1,

I am sorry to hear about your experience with ETO Doors. Have your claims been resolved? What reply did you receive from our warranty department? We do all we can to assist customers and keep them satisfied even when issues are not covered under warranty. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help.

Tal Hassid
ETO Doors Corp.-President

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Mr Hassid, we've replaced two of our 11 doors through a local company in the Charlotte area already. The other 8 french doors have all had the threshold replaced, all the doors came from ETO with In Swing thresholds that don't have any adjustment. We replaced them with the correct in swing or out swing and with an adjustable threshold. We'll be hiring a local craftsman to adjust the doors for fit, but probably not till next year.

I don't think there's anything you could do to change my feelings about your company. It was my biggest blunder in building our home.

Brian Peckinpaugh

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Not sure if jackx is a troll, but nonetheless I am glad this post just got bumped up as I am considering ordering a front door from ETO.

My contractor has used them on several previous jobs and never had a problem, but for some reason the name sounded familiar but I couldn't place it... Now re-reading this thread I remember first coming across it nearly a year ago.

I'm curious, has anyone else used them since? Any other feedback?

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