Windshield wipers stopped in upright position

cheerful1_gwJanuary 17, 2006

Is there a way to restart the wipers? We turned the wipers on, they went halfway across the car, then stopped. They won't move.

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We could use a lot more detail.
As a guess, the wiper motor is burned out.
Or the switch contacts are too corroded..
Or the linkage has fallen off
Or the cable is frayed.
I have seen all of this, and more.

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My guess is the wiper motor burned out.

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Maybe the motor burned out OR maybe the speed control resistor burned out, or the breaker/fuse burned out.

If you have a multispeed wiper, check the speed control resistor. Its usually mounted on the air duct so that the fan can blow air over the resistor elements.

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I'm sure a speed control resistor is much less expensive than a wiper motor and is probably more likely to fail.
Always go the service item, then cheapest route..

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The strange thing was, last night when we started the car and tried the wipers, they worked. I'm still going to remember all these suggestions since our car is older and more likely to have a problem. Thanks to all.

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I drove an old KW one night near midnight the wipers did just that; 1/2 way across and they stuck. Well I did the best I could with what I had. I tied a 1/2 inch rope to the drivers side wiper arm ran it outside the mirror bracket back into the cab and held it in my left hand. Then when the arm quit I guv it a jerk with the rope and it would come all the way left--back to the right--then 1/2 way again. Several hours. There is more to truck driving than grabbing gears.

Next morning I rolled into the shop and axt em if they could improve it. They replaced the big rope with an nice lanyard and a T-handle. Regular fellows they were. :-)

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I am seeing this a lot in the last 10 years or so. Main culprits are Fiat and Opel. I see a lot of those going round with wipers parked in the middle of the screen. I had a '99 Opel Astra and a '06 Opel Vectra where the cam that keeps the power on to the motor until the wipers are parked went west, meaning that as soon as the intermittant wiper relay cut off the wiper motor stopped immediately, regardless of where the wipers were at the time. Both times this happened it was covered by warranty but once I saw the invoice from the dealer to the warranty provider. I'm glad I wasn't paying it.

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GM had some wiper issues due to cracked solder connections on the controller card. It's generally easy to remove the motor and re-flow the solder joints.
Usual safety considerations: Disconnect the negative battery terminal etc etc.

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