Can this be done?

petesmomJanuary 31, 2012

I have found a floor plan that almost completely makes me happy. I would love feedback and want to run my ideas through this machine of minds.

I want to take the porch that is on the rear right of the house and turn that into a closet for the master suite, take the laundry room and put in where the existing master closet is and I need to change the location of the first level public bathroom and perhaps turn that space into a closet. Thoughts???

Second part...This is how I dream of the outside looking. I live in the NE. Very rural area with a lot of trees and streams and such. No offence, but I dont think a cookie cutter house would look appropriate here.

I absolutely love this exterior. I understand that it may not look exactly like this, but is it possible?

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the changes you mention are possible, but have you thought of where you'd like to relocate the main bath downstairs and how that will affect that front bedroom? Also how will you access the laundry room if you move it where the current master closet is? You will lose significant closet space using the porch vs. the already in the plan. Next, what does the exterior of the houseplan you posted look like and do you know what the interior floorplan of the pictured exterior looks like? Those two things would help.

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Any good designer can take the plan you have and tweak it to fit your needs. They can also pull cues from your inspiration pictures and help to design the exterior that way.

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Thanks for the reply. I think that I would like the bathroom where the current laundry room is. I tend to have to use the bathroom badly when I come home and having a bathroom right off the garage is convenient. The front bedroom will actually be a study for me and my husband. Even thinking of making it thru to the bedroom. If I put the laundry room where I want I was thinking of having a flap door that I could toss our clothes in that would put them directly in the laundry room. My step daughters bedroom would be upstairs so all she would have to do is come down the stairs and its easier than walking across the whole house. I was thinking of making the master closet larger than just the porch area, really taking it out flush with the rear of the house.
The exterior of the plan is not desirable as far as Im concerned. I will be changing the garage entrance to be front instead of side.
Here is a pic of the exterior of the plan

This is the floor plan of the exterior I like

Again, I know with a different floor plan it will not be exactly the same, but Im hoping I can still get the "feel"

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If you plan to make the front bedroom a study, and use it that way, and possibly even "off the master", then have you considered this?--

Turn your hall bath space into
a) your master closet and keep the porch.
b) your laundry room and keep your porch and master closet where they are.

You don't need the hallway space to the study, if it will be a dedicated study. And, you can square off the master door/entry to the now shorter hallway to your master (since you don't need to extend it all the way to the study.

See what I am getting at?

An architect can tell you about the exterior, and also play with this interior for you.

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