Grout Dried too dark

shw001February 5, 2013

I cut out and replaced about 3 feet of cracked sanded grout using the same exact grout and color originally used. However, after 4 days, it dried much darker than the original. (dark beige instead of a sort of antique white) The Custom Building Products technical support says it is because the substrate was too dry, causing the grout to dry to fast, and the only solution is to cut it out and re-do it. Is this a valid explanation?

Since the tile is a very dense porcelain, I did not bother to mist it with water. Also a couple of years ago, I did a smaller repair of about 8-10 inches the same way and it turned out fine. I use Polyblend color 382 (bone) sanded grout.

Thanks for any suggestions. I hate to have to cut it out again.

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Update: I did another small test area without misting the substrate. The grout dried seriously darker than what was left in the bucket or what it is in the surrounding tile.

I also called Custom Building Products, the grout manufacturer and a technical support person reviewed my photos and guesses that there is something in the subsurface (thinset of mudpack under the floor tile), such as old soap scum or body oil, that could be leaching into the grout. However, he is not sure. He also said that grout stains are available, but they are not good for shower floors.
Anyone have any ideas or experience with this type of problem?

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I find that it is usually just a difference in color in the grout lot. Pro tilers mix all of the dry grout together before an installation to make sure the color is homogenous.
I have the same problem in my bathroom. Same manufacturer, same color on the label, different color on the floor. I don't have any idea how to match it.

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That was my first thought. However, the leftover grout in the mixing bucket is almost identical to the original color in the rest of the shower. But the same grout in the joint dried substantially darker. Real mystery.

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