Where do you put your alarm remote?

heidihoJanuary 31, 2006

Have a new Escape XLT. Got spoiled with just unlocking car put key in ignition and going. Now I have to find the remote for the alarm / click it / then put my ignition key in and turn my car on. Sounds petty but when I get off of work late at night in a dark parking lot just don't like having to use 2 means of entry to start my car. Guess I'll adjust in time but wondering where my remote for alarm should be for easy access. They tell you not to leave it with your ignition keys so I've just been putting it in the console. Is this a good idea? Any suggestions? Thanks so very much for your time and have a nice day.

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I'm not familiar with how the Escape does it, but on my car and the few others I've used that had a remote alarm system, you could either use the remote to unlock the car or use the key in the door, so you should be able to use the key in the door for both disarming the alarm and starting the car.

I'm also not sure who the "they" is, but many ignition keys are built into the alarm remote. The alarm remote is always with the key, so there's no real way to separate them.

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