2000 olds bravada?????

bill_hJanuary 26, 2007

been looking for a while for decent used suv to replace a small pickup that i recently sold, i ran into a 2000 olds bravada, 1 owner, great shape, all records, 68000 miles,a clean car fax report, and it drives out great, the guy wants 7k for it. talked to 2 owners of these, a 99 and a 00 they both love them, and said they havent had any huge repairs. comments??? yay?? nay?? should i go ahead and buy it??

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you probably already know what I think about all brands with the exception of toyo and honda. I will push that aside for a second and suggest that you estimate how many more miles you will be able to drive the brevada for plus determine cost of ownership, typically quite high in the golden years of a domestic suv. Then use mathematical equations to figure out what that things going to cost you over the next however many years it will take you to drive the estimated miles until you want something else. The interest rate on used cars is higher than the new car interest and lease deals, you could get something new under a promotion or lease deal for a lower monthly payment. And say say the lease is up in 3 years and that's probably about the time the brevada would need replacement anyway. If you go with a cheaper car then you don't need to worry about repairs or batteries or tires, at least not til you turn it in and the amount you will have paid over the 3 years will be a little higher than the brevada more than likely but probably not that much more and you get a brand new car. Of course leasing isn't for everyone, especially if you put on a lot of miles so consult your financial advisor.

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well only 1 payment of 7k, it has a 100k warranty on the drivetrain, that will transfer to me. most likely i will put about 4k a yr on it. as far as toyota,honda,hyundai, verses ford,gm etc i`ve owned all of them. never saw any diff. as far as quality goes.right now i own a toyota, a hyundai, and a buick, dont see 2 cents worth of diff.

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is this a math equation or do you even care what type of vehicle you drive? thats like saying i can drive a 100% trouble free car i hate and have no use for, can't tow, or haul anything or go 4 wheeling but it is reliable. or buy something you really like and can use and perhaps have some problems with but overlook that because you really LIKE the vehicle. so whats your point? someone asks you about a car. do you own that car and can you offer any opinions based on your experience or is it a math equation. x miles per year/total cost= some number.

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Bill you might want to post at this forum

Here is a link that might be useful: Bravada Forum

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thanks bob, that was a helpful sight.

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Joe, sure you can buy a car for it's looks and what features and capabilities it has. And you can also determine if it makes good economic sense to buy a used one vs a new car regardless of make or model. I touched only on the economic part since cars depreciate very quickly in value and there are deals to be had on new cars. I've not seen a used or even a new car for that matter come with a 100k mile powertrain warranty, much less one that is transferable.

Now bill is saying that he estimates driving only 4,000 miles a year. Does it make sense to even have an automobile with driving that few miles? Factor in the insurance that is mandatory in almost every state and it would probably make more sense just to rent a car when you need it or get something very economical with very small payments that you can turn in at the end of a lease term and not have to deal with getting rid of it. Cars don't get better with age. Even if you don't use it stuff starts dry rotting and goes bad.

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i tend to agree with you quirkyquercus, for me it all comes down to cost. i`ve never bought a car or home just because i wanted it. by the way i did buy the olds, 70k the 100k warranty transferred to me, so the drive train is covered til it hits 100k. gas milage is awful, but thats not a concern on this car. your right on a car sitting, my toyota mr-2 gets driven about a 1000 miles a yr, it sits at my condo in fla, for when i`am down there. think i`am going to unload that one, and rent for the 2 weeks a yr i spend in fla. for what i spend on upkeep and insur. i could rent a vette, while in fla and come out way ahead. also i`am going to look into leasing in about 3 yrs, right now i needed a truck type vehicle, but both my cars are almost new, so trading would have worked out that good. everythings a compromise.

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