front air on mini van won't work

desirah306January 14, 2009

I have a 1999 mercury villagener mini van. My front air blows air but warm when on a/c but the middle a/c and the the back a/c both work well blowing nice cool air. My brother-in-law is a cerified mechanic and can't figure it out. he said we might have to hook up to computer to find the promblem but I was wondering if this every happened to anyone or if they know what the promblem.

Thanks for your help!

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A stuck half open blend door, maybe ?

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Your brother-in-law is a prime example of why certification means nothing. Any halfway competent professional could easily diagnose a simple problem with the blend door.

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How many of these have you worked on Chad? While any halfway competent professional CAN diagnose a SIMPLE problem with a blend door, the truth is, these problems are not always so simple anymore with multiple zone climate control systems, and feedback controlled blend door actuators. Many times today we see these systems, and only shops that have made the purchase of the factory scan tool can access the system fully, the rest of them have to resort to performing all of the diagnostics by hand, if that's even possible in some cases. Not every manufacturer builds the plenum assemblies in such a way that the blend doors, and or the actuator for them are readily accessible. This often results in a nervous anxiety for the tech, because there could be significant disassembly required, just to get to the point where diagnostics can even be correctly performed. These systems today are all so different, I cannot/will not up and guess whats wrong with this particular one. The chance that a factory level scan tool is actually required is very high with this car. BTW, the design is 99% Nissan based. The Mercury Villager and Nissan Quest are essentially the same car.

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I'll stand behind you on this one Chad. Not too far back.
I know a LOT of certified techs. that haven't a clue when it comes to actual diagnosis of a vehical. They are taught
in school but how many times do you see a text book example of any problem ? I worked for a company that the
shop foreman would never hire a licenced certified person.
Usually they are certified by one dealership. Lets say FORD. Give them a G.M. or Dodge they haven't a clue. I see
his point. I'll say that the poster's brother inlaw is new
just out of school and has very little experiance in the
trade. Actually on second thought i think he is a lot
smarter than we all think. I think it's family and he refuses to get involved. Smart man. We all know about that
don't we. I wouldn't sell any member of my family, inlaws
or outlaws a car i rebuilt even with showing them $3000.00
worth of bills. You know how it goes after they get the car. " The oil got dirty, the block heater quit working,
the windshield wipers need replacing, it needs brakes now,
now it needs tires, the muffler fell off, it needs gas, it
needs a tuneup,the ash trays are full, " i only had this car for 4 years and it's falling apart, what king of garbage mechanic are you that can't fix anything "? How many of you out there have heard this ?

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You're on the right track, kalining. That's the trouble with this new generation of certified Supertechs. In their rush to roll out the newest toy/gadget/multithousand $ diagnostic computer, they overlook the simple (and usually correct) causes like a burned out actuator motor or debris stuck in the blend door. I've seen it happen a million times.

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