Appliance Rebates

NYC-GuyFebruary 9, 2012

While researching appliances, I've noticed all the manufacturer rebates expire somewhere between the end of Feb and Mar. Given that it is the slow part of the year for them, will they not offer the deals again until next winter, or is it like when I shop for a Dell computer where there's always a deal to be had.

I don't want to miss the window of opportunity.

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We bought our appliances, KA dishwasher, Samsung FD fridge & Bluestar range, on Memorial Day weekend of 2010.
Our rebates totaled something like $800.
While I'm no expert, I'm inclined to say that there's always some rebate program going on.

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I bought a number of appliances in March and April the year we remodeled, and got rebates on all of them. I'm currently waiting for another E'lux rebate to buy new laundry equipment. If you are willing to be patient there will always be another rebate. :-)


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good to know. :)

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There's always another rebate, BUT don't let rebates sway you into buying a suite of inferior products just because they have rebates. It's rare to find a manufacturer who makes great everything, and you are much better off picking each product individually for it's features and then trying to find the best price for it rather than being stuck with a crappy appliance just because you could get money back for purchasing it.

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Expect rebates, and sales generally, tend to cluster around holidays. So Easter, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and whenever other holidays happen along.

Totally agree with live_wire_oak that its best not to be duped into buying a collection of any one brand's stuff, since invariably that brand seldom makes the best products (especially if they're offered with a group-based rebate).

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