suggestion for new car/suv

sharon620January 22, 2008

Hello Everyone,

I am looking for suggestions on sedans and suv's. I currently drive a Jeep Grand Cherokee that is due to go back in March. I have test drivin the Honda Accord. I like it but it kind of feels like my grandfathers old Buick. Also I am conserned about the four cyl. engine.

I am not sure if I want another suv or a sedan.

Can you give me any insights on what you really like to drive?

Maybe I could just gather some ideas.

Thanks so much


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I was looking forward to giving a few suggestions.But when you said the Honda feels like your Grandfathers old Buick.That killed one of my sugestions the Buick Lacross.Im a Buick fan with a 05 Century and I love this car.

Then you partially killed my second suggestion with your concern about a 4 cyl.But it has a V-6 available so who knows maybe it will be helpful?The all new 08 Chevy Malibu is a nice car and its the one I am watching.I have a 07 Malibu and I like it and its a 4 cyl.Has all the power I need.I would think the V-6 would be plenty for anyones taste?

The lowest gas mileage I have gotten on either the Buick or Chevy Malibu has been 27mpg and the highest I have gotten is 34mpg.That is what I like about them the most. There not small cars yet get as good of gas mileage as the Chevy Cavaliers I had before them.

However after driving a Jeep Grand Cherokee with what they cost.Im sure your budget it higher.So I would say why not move up to a Chevy Impala fully loaded check it out take a test drive you might just like it.

If gas mileage is not a concern why not another Jeep?

What you will gain is mpg.With a Sedan

What you will loose is easy entry getting in and out.The SUV sets up higher and you slide right in.With a Sedan you lower your self in and lift your self up and out.

Ask your self what you spend on gas now?Check you MPG im sure it is in the low 20's at best.Probably 15mpg city or winter driving depending where you live and 20's highway?Take that compared to high 20's to low 30's mpg and see what you will save in gas costs.Remembering it will go up not down in the next year.That last 3 years has shown that.Gas was high priced 3 years ago but its cheap compared to now.

Take that figure and decide just what the convinence of a SUV is worth.Only you can decide that.You will like the savings at the pump.But you might hate what you give up?I use to drive pickup trucks and miss the easy in and out.But I could not afford the gas.To me the decision between comfort and savings was easy.But to many comfort is more important.

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Thank you for your reply and suggestions. I am concerned about gas. I would be too ashamed to tell you what I get now with my cherokee. I just seem to think I need the room with taking my son both back and forth to college. I still think I am going for the accord. I am going down to drive the 4 and the 6 cyl. on thursday. I haven't had a " car" in years so a car feels really strange. I don't really need an SUV much other than what I have mentioned above.
Thanks for your input

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Take a look at the Ford Escape. It is available with the Ford 200 cu inch V6, 200 hp and AWD is available. It's twin is the Mazada Tribute. It is my understanding that the suspensions are different between the two and for some reason, the Mazada does not score as high as the Ford for reliability. It will have a little better fuel mileage than the Jeep Cherokee, but probably will not approach that of the Honda sedan.

Another vehicle in this class is the Saturn Vue.

If you broaden your options to include sedans, there is a bewildering array to sort through. Sadly, many of these have serious restricted rear view and right-rear-corner blind spots that are not acceptable.

A competitor to the Honda is the Toyota Camry. However, around my location, owners have been reporting higher shop repair costs (if and when the auto needs repair).

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For your delimma, let me offer a few suggestions. These are based, in part on having two sons in the automotive field.

For a sedan, you can't beat the Honda Accord. Their reliability and quality is unmatched. And don't be fooled by the 4 cyl, engine. It has plenty of power and is mated with an excellent tranny. I would also suggest you test an Accord with the V6. Your mileage will still be in the mid 20's. I'm partial to Honda's since I own one. My 04 Accord has 66,000 plus miles on it. No problems and I average around 25 miles per gallon on the V6.

Check out the Mazda 6 or the Mazda CX-7. Both well made vehicles with respectable gas mileage. Their repair records have also been good. Both vehicles have an excellent ride and road manners. Both are very comfortable and offer a wide range of creature comforts.

Toyota offers excellent vehicles but beware that there have been some major problems with the Camry V6 trannys of late. And repair costs are high.

If you need 4 wheel or all wheel drive, Subaru is an excellent choice. They are offered in a 4 cyl. and 6 cyl. versions. I find them a little small on the interior but that's just me. The Subaru Legacy's and Outback's are the cross between a sedan and an SUV.

One final word of caution. You can't compare sedans to SUV's. They are totally different vehicles in terms of ride, handling, creature comforts and gas mileage. Only you can decide if you need a sedan or an SUV. I've had both so I understand your quandry.

Enjoy the journey.

eal51 in western CT

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There have already been a lot of good suggestions, but here is another 2 cents worth. The new Chevy Malibu handles better than the Camry and about the same as the Accord, according to the tests I have read. Transmission problems w/the Camry, plus dealers that tend to overprice the Accord and Camry, would probably steer me toward the Malibu.

The Suzuki Grand Vitara is good to look at if you want a smaller SUV and really need 4x4, because it has a great four-mode 4x4 system.

As has been said above, you really can't compare the cars to the SUVs, they are too different. With gas costs, I'd suggest looking hard at cars that can do most or all of what an SUV will do, such as wagons and hatchbacks, unless you really need the 4x4 or towing ability of an SUV.

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I'm normally a honda/toyota kind of guy, but have heard many great things about the new Malibu. 1 report I read said the only negative part of the new car was it's name!! With it being so much improved than past malibu models, it deserved a new name.

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I highly recommend the new Nissan Rogue. It's a crossover or 'cute ute' with 4 cyl, CVT tranny, smooth ride, and nice interior. Looks like a Jr. Murano. I test drove Honda CRV and Toyota RAV4, incl their V6, and thought the Rogue was the better car, especially since it's priced fully loaded a good $2,000 or more lower than the other two fully loaded. A sedan it's not, but it has 4WD and gets gas mileage between 21 city and 27 highway. It's also no sports car. The CVT is real smooth, and feels more powerful than the 4 cyl engines on the other 2 models. I've always driven manual transmissions and actually preferred the CVT because you don't feel the surges of downshifting. You just hear the motor putting out the RPMs. I dithered over the V6 RAV, which has impressive power for pretty good gas mileage, but otherwise the car isn't as nice as the Rogue or the CRV. Just my 2 cents. Good luck car shopping.

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My vote goes to the new Chevrolet Malibu, and this coming from someone who has driven nearly 300,000 miles in an Accord and currently owns an 06 Accord sedan. If this were 1996, I'd say the Accord was among your best bets, but having owned the 06 Accord, I've been a bit disappointed. Mechanically, it has been solid, but the interior quality has left a lot to be desired. The cabin is a rattle trap on anything less than perfect roads and there have been a few fit and finish issues which have required several trips back to the service dept. Furthermore, this car doesn't have the structural rigidity that I have felt in other cars. Even the last gen Malibu I had as a loaner car felt like a bank vault over rough roads... much better feeling of solidity than the Accord. I'm still happy with the car overall, but this car isn't the quality made automobile that my 96 was and if it were to get totaled, I don't see myself returning to Honda. Sitting in an 08 Accord, I am even more disgusted. The 08s have even more hard plastic inside, some of the cheapest carpet I have ever seen in any car, still no rear door courtesy lights (give me a break!), A,B and C pillars no longer padded on models with leather, all chrome trim in previous gen has been replaced by cheap looking silver painted trim and they've gone back to incandescent bulbs (previous gen had LED tail lights). Honda just gets cheaper and cheaper.

The new Malibu, on the other hand, was very impressive both on the inside and the out! What a beautiful car and one of the best interiors I have ever seen in a mid-class family sedan. I haven't gotten a chance to drive it, but I'm sure it drives very nicely!

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The 08 Malibu is a nice car I here alot about its improvements over previous model Malibu.I happen to like my 07 Malibu so the 08 must really be nice.I think many just get bored with a model if it does not change every few years.Thats what steers them to Honda Toyota etc.I would have waited for the 08 Malibu but I always wait for a new models to get the bugs worked out.Plus like the discounts on a soon to be discontinued model.I guess im always behind times.But I will more then likley have a 2011 Chevy Malibu probably when the now new 08 is about to be replaced.I hope the 08 truely gives Toyota and Honda a run for there money.I here it has a double pained windshield.Sounds impressive its to cut down on wind noise?The only thing I dislike about the new 08 styling and its a small thing that just bugs me.They have the windshield washer squirter in the hood.Those little black things bug me.Was the reason I went with my 07 Malibu and not a Pontiac G6.

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What do you think about a used car? I am thinking about an 04 BMW 325xi. It has 45,000 miles on it. Coming off a lease. The financing percent is 2.9 and the warranty they are offering is 6yrs or 100,000 miles.

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Cool car. Hard to beat the driving feel of a BMW, but gas mileage on the all-wheel drive models like the 325xi is worse than the rear-drive ones, and you have to use premium gas. For that reason I would not get the all-wheel drive if you live in a warm weather area with little snow or ice; obviously it's nice to have if you need it.

The warranty sounds good, although it's probably 6 yrs. from when the car was new, and it's probably a powertrain-only warranty, right? So you'll have about 2 yrs. left on the warranty. I do know a couple of people who have had BMW 3-series models who have said the maintenance costs were very high, but they still liked the cars.

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Thanks Everyone!
I went with the 6 cyl Honda Accord. I kept test driving different SUV's and they just were not thrilling me. The past two Honda's that I have had did wonderful in the snow.
Thank you for all of your suggestions. They were very very helpful.

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Sharon enjoy the new Honda and maybe give use a review on it after you have time to rack up a few miles.I know what you mean about good in snow.Frontwheel drive is hard to beat in snow and slippery conditions.I trust it better then 4 wheel drive on slick roads my self.

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OMG! Now I am thinking about a toyota camry. What do you think?

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Personally, I'd get the new Malibu over either the Camry or the Accord, but between the Camry and the Accord I'd choose the Accord.

Why I suggest the Malibu is that chassis of the Malibu is European-designed and has a really good feel to it.

The Camry has a higher than normal incidence of problems with the automatic on the V6.

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I thought you went with the Honda?

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I am not picking up my Accord (if I do get it) until the end of the month. The same for the Camry. What do you think about the smart key system? That is what the difference is on the inside of the Camry including knee airbags.

Thanks again!

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A lot of people like the smart key, where it detects the key in your pocket or purse and you can open and start the car without the key; they say it's nice when you're carrying things, etc. As far as the knee airbags, if it were me I'd base my safety determination more on the actual crash test results and insurance loss and injury data of the cars I was considering than on the presence of different safety features. Safety of a car is based on a lot of different factors, so it's hard to say that if car A has a certain feature and car B does not, that car A is necessarily safer. A good example is that a very small car may have six airbags and many other safety features, but it would probably not be as safe in the real world as a much larger vehicle without some of those features.

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Hey Everyone,
I decided on the 08 Honda Accord V6. It is due to be delivered on the 28th of Feb. Black with tan leather interior. I am excited but a little sad to give up my jeep.
I have test driven the Accord twice and tomorrow I am going to take it on the highway.
Any recommendations on a GPS with bluetooth nav?
Thanks so much for your help!

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If you can get a GPS and phone Bluetooth, by all means, do so. Our GPS locates restaurants, etc. by name or type as well as the ability to find places by address. Bluetooth is awesome for hands-free phoning, in my opinion the only cellphone usage that should be done in a car. I also highly recommend satellite radio.

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I went to the dealership one more time before picking up my Accord. I test drove the Camry. Same pkg as the accord. It was just about the same as far as the drive goes but didn't seem as big. I am not ready to go small or big just yet. I would just like a medium size sedan.
The toyota salesman and I talked a while. Well let me say I walked out of there with one heck of a deal. One that Honda would not budge on.
On a lease.... 361 a month with tax included
paid last months payment on my jeep and gave me a nice check to fix the damages on my jeep.
36 month lease
no payment due for 45 days
What would you do? All I have to do is sign and drive... nothing down.
I read there are problems with the camry's trans. Wouldn't they be covered under the warranty?
Thank you so much with all your help

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Personally I would go for the Camry. I have test drive the Accord and simply put, the interior stinks. Like you, I am also car shopping and right now a Camry XLE is high on my list.

Hope you find something you like!


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I have never leased a vehical. In away I probably should have.I have traded a few times when they were 3 or 4 years old.Problem is I do not put many miles on a car and we have three cars.

With a lease I guess you never have to worry about repair issues.Because you always have warranty coverage.I just buy a GMPP extended warranty if I decide I will keep it past the Bumper to Bumper coverage when new.

Maybe before you sighn and drive.You might just consider a Buick or Chevroltet Malibu or Impala.Take a test drive kick the tires and let us know what you think.Not that you have not tried out some excellent choices.I would just like to see what you think of todays GM line up.Can not hurt to take a test drive and see what you think.

I would be very curious to here what you have to say compared to your choices you have tried out so far.

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I am happy to let you all know(JohnDeere) that tonight I picked up my new Honda Accord EXL-V6. I could not be more thrilled with it. I really haven't gotten the chance to drive it alot. I took delivery during a SNOW STORM! It wasn't a very good time to pick up a new car but it couldn't have been a better time to see how it goes in the snow. My new Honda went right thru the 6 inches we got today. I felt in control the entire time. I did take it slow on some roads and when I did lower my speed, the car went into the ECO mode. It uses less gas and runs on 4 cyl instead of all 6 when driving slower.
I can't wait for a nice day to get out and really enjoy it. Now at least I know... it is great in the snow and as far as the inside quality goes.... I think it is great!
I keep looking out the window to make sure the snow plow doesn't take away my new car... God forbid!
Thank you for all your help (esp.JohnDeere)
I love my new Accord!
Thanks again

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The leather is kinda cheap. I cannot get the XM radio to work with the steering wheel controls for nothing. Still I love the car.

Sharon :)

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Glad to here you like it Sharon.I wonder why you can not get the XM radio controls to work with the steering wheel controls?Whats the owners manual say about that?I have not bought a car with XM radio as of yet.However I have a stand a lone XM radio.I use from time to time I have XM in my house also.

I think all of todays vehicals leather seats are not what they use to be not sure why.I am not a leather seat guy.Guess im old fashion that way I just like cloth seats.Im a big guy and all my big guy friends with leather seats seem to have worn cracked seats.So I just always avoid them my self.I know thats strange this day and age however.

What kind of gas milelage you getting?I bet its impressive compared to the Cherokee.

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well i wish i could recomend a chevy as i just got a new 08 impala 3 months ago, 1st new american car in 15 yrs, prob the last for another 15. 3 months old 1500 miles and been back to the shop 3 times, THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE! this is the reason the big 3 are in the fix their in. yes they give me a car to drive, yes they fix it under warranty. but its a pain, and time consuming, and if i dont have to put up with it from toyota, hyundai, or honda. why should i put up with it from g.m.

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What kind of trouble you had bill h?

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Bill.. sorry about your troubles. Isn't your chevy covered under the lemon law?

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its not a major problem where the lemon law would be anything to consider. just a nagging problem with the check engine light comeing on and the remote start not working. my point is its just a big pain in the ass! that i never have experianced with my hyundais or toyotas. if the big 3 want foreign car customers like me to come back to them, they need to build a product thats as good or better. and i`am just not seeing it. most foreign car owners are like me former american car owners that become too frustrated with nagging problems, that shouldnt exist in the 1st place if korea and japan can build cars that run problem free for 3 yrs or more, i cant accept that we cant.other than that, i like the chevy, but if it continues to have nagging problems, i wil go back toyota hyundai or honda at the end of the lease.

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I hope they get it ironed out for you Bill h.I have been lucky knock on wood.My Malibu has 9000something miles and no issues.My 05 Buick went through the warranty period with no issues.I just bought a GMPP to cover it for 4 more years I like that car and plan to keep it.I just traded my old 1994 Buick Regal work car with 142000 miles for a used 1999 Buick Century with 80,000 miles.

My parents have a 05 Buick Teraza that has had issues.It now has 34,000 miles and goes in Friday for a Check engine light issue.They had to order the part EGR valve to solve this issue.They had a rattle clunky sound awhile back from the front.Turned out to be the rubber bushings were worn at less then 30,000 miles.They also have tire ware issues.There remote sliding door sometimes does not close completly.Plus a few other things early on.There not real happy with the van.I mentioned they should consider a GMPP if they plan to keep it.I think they just might need it.I bought one on my 05 just for piece of mind.Hope I never need to use it.

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