BEST cordless, quiet, lightweight & good suction handheld vacuum?

hollyhocksFebruary 15, 2014

I need to buy 3 handheld vacuums. Criteria: cordless, quiet, lightweight, good suction
I went through 3 different duds so far. now I have a B&D PHV1810 18v. it's way too heavy @ 5lbs (I have hand problems) and way too LOUD. I can't seem to find the decibel ratings on any handhelds. anyone have a model that they just love?

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Well I was going to recommend the B&D, which I think is the best out there, but I guess that's out :-)

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Rowenta RH8551seems to be the best option for you. Check out the link below to compare it with other models.

Here is a link that might be useful: Hand held vacuum cleaner comparison

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thanks but I need a handheld not a stick vacuum.

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Don't give up on B&D completely. B&D CHV1510 could be an option. Its suction is as good as a Dyson but it is much cheaper. Also, it weighs only 3 lbs. I don't know of a vacuum that is lighter than that.
With that said, I am not sure about the noise. Official decibel ratings suggest these are as quiet as a hand vac could get (about 80 dcb). Even Dyson makes that amount of noise.

Here is a link that might be useful: best handheld vacuum

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Is there a reason you can't handle the noise level? Do you vacuum that often?

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I've had the Dyson DC34 for a few years and like it. It's crazy money for a hand held vac though, but less than 3 lbs and plenty powerful. It does get loud when in boost mode.

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Try this link I think you just needed to check the box that said handheld from the person that posted above, maybe it will help you out in your search:


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Oddly, the WSJournal just ran an article on cleaning tools this weekend. The hand-held they recommended isn't cheap, but the specs are very good. ONLY available from Williams-Sonoma, though - I checked after I read the article:

"...Rowenta Delta Force Cordless Hand Vacuum
ThereâÂÂs more to a hand vac than suction power. Consider, too, its run time, noise level and overall ease of use. The Rowenta Delta Force excels on all three fronts. Weighing just under 3 pounds, it ran for 15 minutes straight in our test, did its job relatively quietly and was a cinch to empty. $119.95 as of May 3/2014,"

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thanks for all the advice. I want a "quiet-er" model since I have all wood & ceramic tile floors with high ceilings so the loud noise is greatly amplified. plus I have older pets. I have a Rowenta Delta Force 18V Cordless Bagless Stick Vacuum Cleaner, which has an award shaped head but is very quiet, long lasting & very lightweight. I am looking for a hand held not another stick vacuum.

Stevep2005: do you find the Dyson DC34 to be an awkward cumbersome shape?

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thanks jcom51! think I will purchase the Rowenta Delta Force Cordless Hand Vacuum since I like the Rowenta stick vac that I have.

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No, I find the DC34 comfortable and easy to use with no issues getting into corners or tight spaces. It's pretty well balanced. I home-roast our coffee, 3lbs every two weeks, and the chaff is a pain to clean up after. Out of out of pure luck, the long narrow DC34 attachment fits perfectly in between the cage and walls, and other nooks of the roaster, making it a little easier to keep most of the chaff contained. The powerful little Dyson has become an important tool in the roasting (cleanup) process, and dumping the collection bin is quick and easy. Probably not a reason for most people to buy one, but it is one reason why I'd buy another.

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