98 explorer, low beams not working...help

trouble_21January 4, 2007

My low beams will not come on in my 98 ford explorer. The running lights work, same with the high beams(but only if you hold the turn signal towards the stearing wheel) The fog lights also will not come on, as they only come on with my low beams.

I have changes the bulbs twice, but it doesn't make a difference.....Any ideas?

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At the least, you will need some basic instruments and a repair manual to chase down the point where power to the lamps is lost. (A VOM [volt-ohm meter] is handy.) You need the repair manual to discover how the circuits are routed and if there are any special relays or computer controls in the works.

My first suspicions are the light switch, a control relay/breaker, or wiring connectors.

Try the horn. Does it work? Often, the front lights and horn are in a common connector that plugs into the main body wiring harness. If the horn does not work, suspect this wiring connector. See if you can locate this connector. It'll be up front somewhere, maybe under the battery box. Start with the wires at rear of the headlamp and trace back to where it connects to the main harness.

Do you have daytime running lights? Sometimes, these are powered at silghtly reduced power through a solid state switching regulator. Maybe this part is bad.

This is definitely a problem where it will pay to diagnose rather than throw parts at it.

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You could begin by removing the connector at the back of the headlight, and reinstalling it. Repeat this two or three times for each connector. If there is some corrosion on the internal parts, the process of removing the plug and putting it back on will often wear off some of the oxides, and the connection will then work correctly.

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