is vent hood quieter with wood cover?

pottermomFebruary 12, 2012

With kitchen demolition for the gut/rehab scheduled for Fat Tuesday, I need to finalize the cabinet configuration. What is the quietest vent motor with at least 6700 cfms, and are vents inside wood cabinetry quieter than stainless steel hoods with exposed chimneys?

I have a small kitchen in a 1906 classic rectilinear house with 10 foot ceilings and white painted woodwork. I am planning soapstone counters, cherry (?) cabinets, and a mosaic glass/ming green marble backsplash.

Thanks for your advice!

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In the strictest sense, yes. But not so much that you'd be able to tell without good hearing.

Most hood noise is generated because air is moving through the filters. If your hood has an internal motor IT will be a bit more quiet in a wood enclosure because it will be a bit more damped than metal one, but not enough to make you go "wow, that's a quiet hood".

For a system with a remote or inline blower it won't really be any more or less quiet encase in wood.

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Sophie Wheeler

6700 CFM??? Are you running double woks burners or other restaurant equipment? Make up air will be a must with that.

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I assume 6700 CFMs is a typo. Most likely meant 600.

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Agree with antss - dont believe there is much difference. Follow other posts on range hood topics on this forum for discussion on factors that cause noise or limit noise - ducting, filter type, quality of blower and external vs internal blowers - as determined by the need of the range - all to often people want external blowers because they think they are quiter - an example - mount a 1000cfm wall mount blower directly behind the hood and the noise level is about equal to that of an internal 1200cfm(a quality one that is)

Here is a link that might be useful: More on range hood noise

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