Master Bath Layout Ideas?

JSpannFebruary 1, 2014

Anyone have any suggestions on how to make this bathroom better? It needs TLC, but I am at a loss.

One other thought: is it a huge no-no to get rid of the tub in the master? Not sure how much we'd use it... but will it kill resale?

Thanks for any help/input!

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For resale value if that's your primary concern, I would contact a couple of your local real estate agents and see what they think. Every area is different, and it would depend on your target market. I think the standard feeling is that a home should have at least one bath tub. If this is the only tub in the house then yes it could definitely affect resale.

If you have another tub somewhere else, then I would lengthen the shower and extend the vanity. You could even put a linen tower for additional storage at one end of vanity. (Trying to find a 10.5' length of granite could be hard).

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We put a standard size whirlpool tub in our master. It makes more sense than a huge tub.

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We will have two other tubs in the house... and resale value isnt a HUGE concern, so I think we will rule out the tub.

Do you think it'd be preferable to have the sinks on the far right wall so the light is behind them rather than to the side?
... but then I have no idea where I'd stick the toilet. :-/

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New builds in our mid-range subdivision in Florida are going sans tub in the master bathroom. I think people care more about a really nice shower!

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I would place vanities along long wall, and have a linen tower across from toilet. You would have an awesome place for makeup counter between those two windows across from a longer shower.

Contemporary Bathroom by Emeryville Architects & Designers Ohashi Design Studio

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