stucco questions: integrated color or paint? Acrylic or cement?

M_N_AJanuary 29, 2014

We need to make some decisions on stucco. The person we talked to speaks very little English, making it even harder to understand.

We read up on GW a bit. but cannot get a better picture

1. Is Acrylic is better than conventional cement Stucco in terms of durability and ease of maintenance?
2. Integrated stucco color or white stucco with paint, which is better?
3. For integrated color, does it have to be the stock color (La Habra) or can it be custom made. Is it more expensive? does the color match paint sample correctly usually?
4. We read about uneven color. Is it common for integrated color stucco, both acrylic and cement based?
5. We like smooth texture. does it show cracks and uneven color more easily compared to sandy texture? How about cracks? more easy too?
6. We think we heard from him that acrylic smooth finish only comes with White? only the sandy texture comes with integrated color. Is that right?

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Most finish coat acrylic that I have used/saw comes in 5 gallon buckets and is basic white and it is mixed to a custom color when you purchase it just like paint. There are a bunch of different colors available and most everyone in my area goes with integrated color.

Here is a link that might be useful: Colors

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I would use colored through acrylic (more consistent and crack resistant than cement stucco) WITH A CORRECTLY INSTALLED drainage plane. Because without it, it is of the devil !!!!!!

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LOTO and jrldh, Thanks for chiming in. We are also close to this decision and your input is valuable

M_N_A, I was eagerly waiting for some one to chime it. We are most likely going with the Acrylic and integrated color. in regards to texture I got the impression that smooth finish could be more expensive but have not discussed how much. Once I talk to our contractor/stucco guy I will report back what I fins out.

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