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marymoqFebruary 21, 2007

Anyone with experience or opions on the fairly new 44 in aga dual fuel Legacy range. The information makes it look like a great way to get all the performance I want from a dual fuel with double ovens and save a couple of thousand dollars!

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I would make sure you see this in person. The ovens are small and not deep at all look from the side. The drawers seemed alittle flimsy to me. Gotta love the look and the colors though.

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I'll bump this up hoping some more opinions will be added. I, too, am looking for a new range, something that says WOW, but more importantly enables me to cook well for my family of 6. The pro ranges are nice for sure, but I really need 2 or more ovens, putting most of them out of my price range. I also want color. This range does look enticing...but we'd all love to hear from those of you who have one, or at least have considered one and seen it in person, which I haven't been able to do. Thanks in advance!

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Fori is not pleased

I looked at the 36" in person and compared it (with a sleepy toddler so not very well) to the AGA 6-4. They weren't hooked up so I couldn't play with the gas.

Appearance-wise, the legacy has it--the 6-4 has a control panel up front that just looks plasticky. (The 6-4 has a slightly nicer finish due to the enamel, and it comes in more colors.)

Function-wise, the legacy has a bigger oven. Look up those stats and compare with your cookware--they both have dinky ovens! The burner layout on the 36" legacy was superior to the 6-4 (and I know you didn't even ask about it, but those were the two I was comparing). The 6-4 seemed to have them all scrunched closer together so you'd have to be using some mighty small pots to not have them collide.

The spouse didn't like the towel(?) bars across the front. Especially on the Legacy, where they partially obscure the dials. No biggie. I figure the towel bars keep your belly from catching fire. I'll try to check them out again this weekend, because I'm not finding anything else that looks right.

In other words, BUMP.

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Fori, you're input is very much appreciated and we are on the same wave length. After I posted my question I measured my favorite roaster, the one I would use to cook a turkey, and compared it to the specs of the ranges ovens. (the handles don't stick out so they're not a factor) You are right, even the largest oven on the 44" is still too small. In comparison, the roaster fits in my GE 30" oven with tons of room to spare. If you see them this weekend, please post with your additional impressions.

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Fori is not pleased

An additional impression or two...

This time we saw the 44" in brick red (previously was 36" in yellow). The spouse liked it this time. I liked it less--poop brown. If you go Legacy, be SURE you see this color in person! Yuck. Anyway, the grates are shiny enameled black. There's no way those things can stay pretty is there? We need a real owner to answer that. High gloss stove grates. Eek. The whole top of the range is glossy black. Gorgeous, but for how long?

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Fori, I guess I'm confused. I didn't think the Legacy came in yellow?? Brick, black, blue, cream and white were the only choices I was aware of. I actually have the brick which is much more red (maroon) than poop brown. Perhaps the lighing in the store is off?

My grates are still shiny after 18 months of hard labor. I take no special care and slide cast iron, Le Creuset and stainless steel from burner to burner every day. Once a week I sling the grates into the sink for a soak and a scour. Not a mark on them. Worst them about the grates is they're heavy...very heavy.

It would have been nice to have one extra inch on the main oven as I could have avoided buying new baking sheets and a new roaster. I was well aware of this going into the purchase however so I can't complain. I have a 5 member family that expects to eat and eat a lot 3x daily and regularly (weekly) host dinner for 18 with no trouble.

Last Sunday, I served from the oven ....roast beef, turkey breast, macaroni and cheese, lasagna and rolls. From the stovetop came .... mashed potatoes, gravy, green beans and asparagus. Everything came out at the same time and was delicious.

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Fori is not pleased

You're right about the yellow--that was the 6-4 I'd looked at. The Legacy I'd seen previously was black. (They were next to each other.)

The light may well have been bad in this second store. I was surprised because the brick looks so good in pictures. It wasn't a store that bothers to make things look nice. It looks like a scratch and dent shop, but not as nice.

It's good to hear the grates hold up. They're so pretty it's hard to believe! Do you have the 44"? I don't mind the small ovens too much--more economical to use I think.

Tell us more about your range, shroppie. It's just hard to believe that something so shiny can be practical!

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Yea! Something positive! I really WANT to like this range (I'm actually looking at it in cream since I have cream cabinets and a dark countertop). I don't think cavernous ovens are the answer to everything...its not a priority to me to bake 3 dozen cookies at once. HOWEVER, cooking lots a dishes often for a family of 6 is a priority, which means I need versatility and the ability to cook fairly large roasts, whole chickens, turkeys and 9 x 13 pans of lasagne. Also, as a practical matter, I'm curious as to which is more useful..the tall tower oven on the 36" with 4 racks and/or plate holder or the larger square'ish oven on the 44". Shroppie, does your tall oven fit a 9 x 13 pan on each rack? If so, that would be one rockin' oven.

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I have the 36" - I definitely would have gotten the 44" IF I had gained an extra inch in one of the ovens, but the extra warming oven and 2 same size ovens wasn't worth it to me.

The tall oven does not fit a 9*13 pan. I'll cook a turkey + lasagna in the multifunction oven and a roast (or chicken) and 9*9 pans of other sides in the convection oven. Of course, there's also the broiler!

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Shroppie, Thank you for your input. I too want to like this range. I took my husband to see it yesterday and we are debating between this and the La Cornuefe'.
One of my issues is the broiler in the 44'
Have you used your broiler? I am not familair with using an open broiler and it looked small to me.

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I've used this broiler, but had never used a broiler prior so......I have nothing to compare it too. I don't broil meat (prefer to grill, even in winter) but use it all the time to toast buns and finish dishes.

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Shroppie, thanks for your real world input, it really helps. I'm beginning to come to the conclusion that the "specs" of ranges are meaningless because according to the 36" specs for the tall oven it is something like 9 1/2" wide by 15 1/4" you would THINK that this would accomodate a 9 x 13 pan. Nevertheless, if you are saying you can cook a turkey and a lasagne at the same time in the multi-mode oven, with sides in the small one, that is still pretty impressive. So what size pans fit in the side oven.. 9 x 9? Is there a convection fan that protrudes into the oven taking up space? So how is oven cleaning? I don't believe this is self-cleaning but I've read it has removable panels that you can throw in the dishwasher. Thanks again.

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Yep, the stated dimensions are off...or aren't intended to portray USABLE space (what the point then?). I do believe it is the convection fan that intrudes into the space. The usable space is about 13.5" deep and a little less than 10" wide. The problem with a 9*13 casserole dish is the little handles/tabs on each end. They boost the overall dimensions to almost 15 inches (see why I keep harping on just one more inch?) My quarter sheet pans which are 13" long with rolled edges fit fine.

The Legacy is not self-cleaning. I'd always had a self-cleaning oven and admit that I do miss turning a dial and walking away. I clean my oven once a month and haven't had any difficulty. It's never been messy enough to remove the wall panels. I do remove the bottom panel (very easy to do) and clean it off in the sink. It cleans off very easily (fruit pie boil-overs, lasagna seepage, etc. I've never had to resort to using Easy-Off etc - just a quick swipe with a sponge or light scrub with the nylon scrubber.

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Thanks again Shroppie! This is all really valuable information. The cleaning sounds pretty manageble. Perhaps you are the only active member of this forum that actually owns one? Please keep adding as things come up. I have until summer to make my decision, so am still considering all options. Happy cooking!

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Hi, Yay! ome good info on the Aga legacy 44".. I posted back several months agao and kept looking - finally some comments from an owner. There is very little info on the web from current users. I also am vey seriously looking at this range and will probably buy it in next few weeks. I currently have a double viking - so i am used to at least one big cavernous oven.. but the price of ovens have gone up so much since I bought my viking for about 5500 8 years ago - they now approach 9500. This is for a second house (initially) so I don't want to fork out that kind of money - but want a double oven with more than 4 burners.. and I love the looks of the legacy also .. but also want to make sure its a qauality range ... Has anyone used all of the 7 fucntions of the multi-fucntion oven? do they work well? does it cook evenly??? I must say my Viking does not cook evenly!
so any additonal comments would be appreciated ..

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Shroppie, thanks for sharing your valuable, practical "life with" view. I am moving my kitchen to a different room, so everything will be newly purchaced. We are on a tight budget, and this is my one big splurge.

Do smaller ovens replace the small countertop toaster oven I use so often for two people. How fast does the oven pre-heat? Which of Legacy ovens work best for baking bread? And, has there been any problelm with relibility? Anyone need a repair?

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Yeah! Thanks for posting. This is great information. I am looking at a 36" Aga Legacy. I have an old house built in 1888, and I love the style of the Aga. But, I also like to cook lots- mostly stovetop. I like the 5 burner layout of the Aga with various sizes of burners/space (for Wok).

I am also considering the new Kitchen Aide 36" (6 burner) with steam injection. I don't bake that much, but I hear it is also good for foul, shrimp w/ herbs etc.

Kitchen aid ia bout 4759. Aga with cathedral glass door is about 4850. So, no much price difference.

Any thoughts on the two options?

Also, any ideas on a refrigerator to match syle somewhat?

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Hi Shroppie, I'm new here but I am looking at a Legacy 36 range for a house that we're designing and building. It's such a beautiful range... we're thinking of cobalt blue with cathedral door. Do you mind if I pick your brain a bit more?

We were looking at one yesterday and had a couple of questions about the following:

- The main (multifunction) oven seems like it might not be deep enough for a normal-sized pizza or baking stone (I think my baking stone I use for pizza is 16" across).
- How large of a turkey fits in the big oven? And do you ever find that you use the in-door rack?
- In the installation in the showroom, the cabinets interfered with opening the doors any more than 90 degrees. This wouldn't be a problem except that it made the racks in the multifunction oven difficult/impossible to pull out and move to different shelves when the door rack was in place. I think they were standard depth counters/cabinets, so I was surprised that the range didn't come all the way out to the edge. Have you noticed this in your installation? Is it an annoyance at all?
- The owner's manual suggests that "for even browning" you don't use pans that are larger than 9 x 12 in the main oven, because the oven may be hotter next to the walls. Do you ever find that baked goods (cookies, for example) brown more toward the edges? Have you ever tried a larger cookie sheet, and what happened?

Thanks so much for all your good information in this thread... it really helped a lot giving me a heads up on what to notice when I saw it in the showroom!

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A good friend has the Rangemaster 44 inch cooker that she ordered from England. It's a gorgeous blue and she loves it. She is a a great cook and has used it for about a year; nothing but praise for it. BUT the ovens are small so if baking a large pizza is on your agenda, it won't work. FWIW, she ordered hers from England and, including shipping, it came to about $3,000. The only caveat about doing it this way is that the clock is never right because it's on European electric. It looks magnificent in her early California kitchen with Talavera tiles. Kinda makes me wish for the red one...

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Patti bee - do you know what company your friend used to order her range? The online stores I've seen that sell the Rangemaster only ship to UK. Is it the voltage difference that's making the clock wrong? Weird.

Our local AGA dealer price for the one I want (blue, cathedral door) is $4750. With how the dollar has done against the UK pound in the past year I wonder what the current savings over that price would be. Good food for thought, thanks!

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blueskitten, I'll ask my friend for her UK source. I just remember that his name was Malcolm!

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blueskitten -

Pizzas can be problematic! I did get rid of my pizza stone as it wouldn't fit. I now either make rectangular pizza - or order out ;-) DH loved my homemade pizza and I much prefer to order it, so I now either make rectangular pizza (very irregularly) or let my fingers do the walking (much more frequently, especially during baseball season)

I don't know the largest size turkey that will fit. If it were up to me, I'd only cook turkey breasts, but my dad and father-in-law are dark meat hold-outs. I usually buy a 16-18 pound turkey and another breast and use both ovens (I can fit sides in as well)

I never use the indoor rack. I thought it was a cool feature but just never used it. Took the rack out and it's sitting in a spare cabinet in case I ever change my mind.

I have no problem with my doors and I have standard depth cabinets. My range does come to the edge of the cabinets though - sounds like the cabinets and range aren't lined up correctly in the showroom

I use 1/4 commercial aluminum sheet pans (which are 9*13) in the side oven and 10*14 Doughmaker cookie sheets in the multifunction oven. Never has a problem with uneven cooking


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Thanks so much, this really helps a lot!

I was kind of expecting that the door rack wouldn't get much use, at least in my house. And I'm glad to know that the cookie sheets to have to be quite as ridiculously small as the manual suggests.

My hubby and I are quite a pizza aficionados, and there isn't much delivery service where our house will be (fairly rural area). Definite food for thought, here... :)

One other question, how much usable width and depth is there in the multifunction oven? Manufacturer spec says 17" w x 15.25" d, but I don't want to plan on that based on your description of how the tall oven is smaller than shown in the published specs. I've been perusing to see what the $$ damage would be for me to get some cookware/bakeware that would fit.


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OOps, I meant to type that the cookie sheets *don't* have to be quite as ridiculously small. :P

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Yes, I think it's the voltage that makes the clock run out of kilter (electricity isn't my forte!). The website is listed below. My friend called Malcolm Ramsey and ordered through him with no problems. She purchased the Rangemaster Classic 110 dual fuel in blue (gorgeous!). There is info on the site about shipping but you'll get a bit more info from Malcolm. We're in California so her DH rented a truck with a lift and picked it up after it cleared customs. If you're further from a port, you probably need to make other arrangements at additional $$$. Let us know which method you decide on. HTH

Here is a link that might be useful: Chef Rangecookers

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Patti -
Fortunately I'm the western washington so we've got ports up the wazoo around here. :) My only concern is the LP/electrical stuff, but with a good reference and the information on the website it looks like a pretty safe way to go. I'm interested in talking with Malcom. I've sent an inquiry to him and will see what he says.

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Marymoq....did you decide on a range? I am thinking about La Cornufe.

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There's a new model Legacy! It's stainless steel and really good looking. Also, if you're leaning toward white, there now is a full sized refrigerator and a dishwasher panel that match the white Legacys.

Here is a link that might be useful: Aga

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agaspecialist, Where can I find pics of the stainless AGA Legacy? Sure sounds interesting.

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Whew! Almost made a HUGE mistake!

After months of dreaming and looking at the beautiful catalog pics, I finally got to see and feel a Legacy for myself. I already knew the ovens were small (and they are) what was totally dissappointing is how cheap it felt.

The main oven door uses the same closing mechanism that my drier door has and is always getting repaired. The spiral door handles that look so amazing in the pics, wiggled and just felt cheap. The brick color was really unattractive.

I was just stunned. I was so sure this was what I wanted, but I will not buy it now. Be sure you see this oven in person before you purchase.

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The multi-function oven in the Aga 36" Legacy range is small. Standard pans do not fit. I have one, and it has been very difficult to find pans that fit. There are NO large roasting pans big enough for a small turkey but small enough to fit in the oven on the market. Aga customer service is horrendous, and the pans that fit their regular ranges do not fit the Legacy. I love the way it looks in my vintage kitchen, but there are numerous problems. Do your research before you buy.

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Anyone else out there have a Legacy? Interested in the 44". Have seen it in person and love the look. Thanks.

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Although this is second-hand, my friend has an Aga Legacy 44" and she and her DH (who is an excellent chef) both rave about it. I am planning on the 36" in "vintage white" for my new kitchen, but I also plan to get a secondary wall oven to go under a counter for big items (like turkeys and XMas cookies).

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Anyone have more information on the AGA Legacy 44" Range?

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I have been enjoying my 36" duel fuel legacy for 4 months now. I have no complaints. I did tons of research before purchasing including reading this forum. My only complaint is cleaning the stove top. The black grates show every little thing and have to be removed (and they are heavy!), cleaned and completely dryed if you don't want to see all the streaks. My reason for posting this is to let you all know that I have found great success with using the 9x13 Calphalon brownie pan as cookie sheets. I use them in the tall oven for everything without a single problem. They fit perfect and leave a little extra room for air flow.

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I'm reading this forum a few years later and after buying a 36" Legacy. I love this stove but my husband is still going through post purchase regrets. (We've only had it a couple days). We haven't really had any problems with it yet but I wanted to thank those who suggested what pans to use! One question I have is whether the pans that are designed for the AGA cooker also fit the Legacy. Has anyone tried that yet? Thanks!

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We've owned a 36 inch dual fuel Legacy for three years, so a few hopefully helpful hints follow.

We carefully measured the multifuncton oven and bought an old Wear-Ever aluminum roaster on E-bay. Fits perfectly with the handles folded and works great, just like when my grandmother used one. We've done a 22 pound turkey and it came out perfectly. The convection oven cuts turkey time down to 10 mins per pound and browns perfectly - or you can use the roaster cover and steam the turkey. The Wear-Ever looks like it was designed to fit in the oven.

Used a ceramic wet saw to cut down a pizza stone to fit the oven.

Pyrex 9/13 baking dishes work well in the right oven, but they're just enough too long that they only fit on the middle racks. (Guess the door flexes in a little) Could be some other brands of 9x13 are slightly shorter and might work better.

Our only real issue has been a tendancy for one of the stovetop burners to go out after a few minutes. We suspect this is a problem with the safety thermocouple, but have just lived without that eye. We're now arranging for repairs, but there are few repair shops in the Milwaukee area with Aga experience. A word of advice: don't buy these stoves by mail order. You want someone local in case you have problems. Anyone else had burner issues?

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An update. Almost four years later and I still love my AGA! Still complain about cleaning the top, but it is worth it. I did however share the same problem with the one burner going out. When I bought the stove, I also purchased a 4 year protection plan. They came out and replaced the whole line to that burner and haven't had a problem since. Love, Love, Love this stove and have no regrets.

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Moppyo - Thanks so much for the followup!!! I came close to getting a Legacy.

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