Cleaning with vinegar

melle_sactoFebruary 13, 2014

I am just curious -- is vinegar considered a harsh cleaner for use in the bathroom? I like it for cleaning off hard water spots, and I do rinse it w/in 30 minutes (max). Some surfaces tell you "not for use with harsh cleaners", but they don't specify what those might be. And they recommend "brand name" products, but I usually do not buy those (with an exception -- I do buy Cooktop Magic for the glass surface range)

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I've been wondering the same thing and like to use it for some things. I'd call the mfr if they have good tech support or ask a few CS reps, companies etc.

It is great for hard water spots. So that tells you something. I have read not to use it on grout. I think it's ok for an occassional deep clean. Tile men use it as a first recourse mild acid cleaner before using the heavy duty stuff.

I refrain from using it on my enamel sink and haven't asked yet.

Have you tried Method All Purpose? America's Test Kitchen tested it and found it on par with disinfecting cleaners but without the chemicals and toxic hazards. I don't think vinegar is as good in that aspect. Don't know if super bugs are a concern with Method's disinfect propertied. I think it took some lime deposit off something yesterday but will have to check it out further. It is a remarkable cleaner! Even burnt cooking stuff melts off your cookware.

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Babka NorCal 9b

There are a lot of surfaces in a bathroom. Some can take vinegar and some don't. Most of the brand name cleaners will state on the container that they are/are not for use on "natural stone". Porcelain and ceramic can take just about anything. What do you have?

Most manufacturers have websites/contact us links where you can ask a more specific question.

I have man made products (chrome and Caesrstone/porcelain) and phosphoric acid removes hard water spots in about 3 seconds then I rinse immediately.


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I wouldn't use it on marble or soft white natural stones (which usually contain calcium); but other than that, it wouldn't be considered a harsh chemical--esp since you usually use it in dilution.

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