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DLM2000December 10, 2009

I'm new to this forum (usually hang at Decorating) so I don't want to step on toes when posting. The help with my Heisey question was A+ and as I read other posts it's obvious there are some very knowledgable and generous people here.

I have a number of items that I know a little bit about (just enough to be dangerous!) and would love to know more but hesitate to post a slew of questions. My knowledge of antiques pretty much ends with being able to say whether I like something or not :-\

So... how many posts do I get before being told to take it to Antiques Roadshow or a local appraiser?? LOL!!

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Just keep in mind that the appraisals youg et here are worth what you pay...
And also keep in mind that the puropse of this forum is not to provide appraisals but to provide information and discussion.
I think any and all of the people who post here are more than glad to answer questions...but rather resent someone who goes garage saleing with the hopes of reselling and wants to know what their purchase is worth.
The only concrete statement of what something is worth is if you are speaking of gold boullion or silver bars.
Post away...I for one love looking at other people's stuff.
Linda C

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You mean I can't take your appraisals to the bank ?;-)

The more important part of the 'appraisal' - to me anyway - is knowing if there's value beyond sentimental, whatever that may be, or if I have a lovely hunk-o-junque. Plus finding out the specifics of what something is or where it was made - that's fascinating to me. And I love the personal remarks - in fact, Linda you made one that has me re-thinking selling my Heisey

"....and of course the person who bought it wouldn't have their mother's set, just a set of lovely old glasses."

So when I'm trying to figure out for the umteenth time where on earth to store them that's the line to remember!

I'll get a few pictures and maybe you'll help me again - thanks.

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I have a lovely sampler...initialled and dated 1823. I bought at an estate sale out of a little old house in a tiny town near me. It was folded up in a box full of other lovely old linens. I bought the box for $ the bidding was going on, I said to someone also bidding, 'I only one one thing...if I buy it I'll sell you that table cloth"...and I did...I sold stuff out of that box until it was half gone, and I had more than $20..AND the sampler....then I got to thinking...that was a family piece....and likely they didn't even know it was in the box. So I found the daughter of the woman who died and showed her the sampler and asked if she wanted it.....she said no....she didn't care about any of that old stuff.
So it now happily hangs in my bedroom.
I have lots of "boughten" antiques and some family pieces. I like to make sure my kids know which is which!
I was looking for Christmas stuff in the basement and noticed that little pressed back oak rocker that was my father's as a child....and realize that it was my grandchildren's great grandfather's....and when they have children...
Well you get the idea.
Post to see what you've got!
Linda C

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I'm good at identifying many things ... but "what's it worth" is out of my pay grade's responsibilities.

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My pay grade... I love that.


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Well then - how does a 10% pay increase sound? That's probably in the budget - snort! (which is exactly what my DH says to me when I tell him I need a pay increase!)

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Sorry.....I have had to double me fees.....!
As I tell people working with me at one volunteer job or another...Hurry up or I'll dock you pay!...Or good job! You're getting a raise1

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