Thermador vs SubZero

mpalmerFebruary 18, 2012

Hello All,

I was reading around about Therm vs Subzero in the forums and it seems like I can find fans of both. I did not see anyone talking about the new Thermador column ref/freezer units that were recently updated. Does anyone have any thoughts? I am down to those two brands.


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I have 30" Therm twins and I love them. They are well laid out- I took the contents of a 42" monogram and a profile side by side and loaded up the new units with a ton of room to spare. They are very quiet when running, very very quiet. The only sound that you hear over normal background noise is the ice maker filling up (the water hookup is right in front). It only happens on occasion and is not very loud so it is not a big deal. The temp seems to be very stabile. I also like the way it is laid out with the compressor on the bottom. It allows for a completely integrated look, it looks like a bureau, not a fridge/freezer. By having the compressor on the bottom it also raises the shelves so I don't have to bend down so far to get something out. The shelves roll out very smooth and feel quite strong.

The only small downside is it takes a little time to make ice. It's not bad, but my old Sub Z seemed faster. The bucket does hold a lot of ice though. It's hard to say I'm disappointed in the ice speed when it could just be a perception problem. It is filling such a large bucket it might just appear to take longer. For super bowl I filled up 4 one gallon zip lock bags with ice!

All in all I am very happy with them and would recommend them in a second!

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Thanks for sharing! Do you have the newer model Therms?

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Yes, I purchased them this past fall.

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