Height of slab

qbryantJanuary 29, 2014

Just wandering about house height above grade,I have a semi flat lot with the back area that slopes were a deck will be.I will be doing a slab,I like when there are a few steps instead of setting flat on the ground,plus it keeps the hardie board siding up a bit.maybe covering the exposed slab with native rock.
What your thoughts?

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You should check the applicable building code in your area for the minimums. Generally, siding should be a minimum of 8" above grade, so as to be able to detect termites.

That said, it depends on whether you prefer "porches" (which are higher, recalling crawl space construction), or "walk out" concrete slabs for your outside space.

Since you are doing a slab on grade, higher elevations will require a perimeter stem wall, and compacted sand fill for your raised slab. This, obviously, is more expensive than a simple slab on grade.

You need to do your due diligence. Good luck on your project.

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our house is being built 22 inches above grade- two steps-on a slab-with bunches of concrete piers about 8 ft deep

the house will be hardy with the "foundation" covered in
thin brick

the extra "everything" for the slab including the brick for
about 3000 sq ft perimeter of the house and another 600 sq ft for the garage-also being elevated is going to cost
between 8000 and 10000 dollars (piers not included)

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It would be helpful to know the climate in order to understand the likely foundation design.

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We did the stem wall and compacted sand as virgilcarter described. I dislike houses that sit right on grade. Yes it was more expensive but I love how it looks. We have one step to get up to the porch.

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Oklahoma climate,not to extreme.
Any pics of construction?

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We are actually living in our house. I will try to snap a picture this afternoon when I get home. We live in Woodward, OK--where are you in OK?

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ours is formed up the compacted sand is there as are the piers, waiting on the plumber and electrician to do their thing (and the beams) to do the pour

will send pics as soon as we can get down there to take them

our build is on the coastal prairie about 20 miles from the gulf in texas we are in a flood plain, but our lot is
above the required building point and the 22 inches will just be extra "insurance"

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Pryor area

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oops, misunderstood---I don't have pictures of the construction of the slab. But pretty much they poured the stem wall, packed in the interior with sand, then poured the slab over the compacted sand.

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interested in hearing how your build went. we are building a raised slab up 3 feet as we are on the water.

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