gabby_49December 9, 2005

Oh yes, I thought about you when I heard Virginia was getting snow. I remember how scared you were of the ice.Hang in there, it will be spring before you know it. We got about 7" of snow the other night. How have you been? Miss hearing from all of you,glad ot be back even tho I am not cargiving anymore. Quite sad! I regret alot of things, I didn't do with Lara, but all in all I took care of her for almost 5 years, and really don't regret. We all have or had our days, but when the final curtain comes is all over and no turning back. There were so many things I wished I would have found out or ask,and Lord knows I had enough time to do it. Why is that? Who knows.....Well Derry keep in touch and sneak in every now and then. Iwill too....HUGS Gabby

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Thanx Gabby. I know what you mean. I guess many people finish it with some regrets...they are everywhere. You are to be commended, tho, because you really didn't choose the situation, so maybe more credit is due.
I do hope spring comes quickly...still afraid of the ice, sleet and snow. I need to move to Fla....but then there are the hurricanes! HMMM...Derry

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