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powermuffinDecember 8, 2009

Hello. I have a 1908 home with stained wood trim and lots of stained pieces. In the dining room all of the pieces are stained. I am looking for a small piece to go in there for additional storage, but I intend to paint the piece to help lighten up the room.

I found this CL piece and would like opinions about what you think about me painting it. I don't want to ruin a worhty antique, but will choose something that is already damaged. I realize that some people would never paint any antique piece and I would agree most of the time. So here goes...



Here is a link that might be useful: Potential piece to paint

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very nice piece, I'm not an antique expert, but just from a purely aesthetic point of view, I would not paint it. It has such unique details, that I think would be lost with paint.

Maybe some of your other pieces could be painted instead of this one.

great find. I'll be curious to see what antique value it might have (via the experts here)

If I found that piece on my CL, I'd buy it in a heartbeat!!

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I don't think it's all that antique, but I agree that the detail would probably be lost if you painted it. It looks sort of 20s-30s to me. I'd more likely use a stain or Restora-finish and see if I liked the results.

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The picture is gone....or I would weigh in too...

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Linda, the link is working for me. Try again please. You have to scroll down.

ringa, my other pieces are beautiful pieces that I would never paint. I wouldn't paint this one either if it is significant. I am trying to find a piece with good lines, but that isn't really worth anything. I don't intend to paint it all one color either. I would do something decorative to bring out the details.
Thanks for the input.

Here is a link that might be useful: link again

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The link doesn't work for me either. All I see is: This posting has been deleted by its author.

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Same here.

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