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mxyplxDecember 20, 2013

Time to lighten up for a change.

Got to lab 7:59am. Tried for urine specimen 8:20 am. She couldn't P. 2 cups water, 1 cup coffee. Couldn't P. Came home. Guv her 1 cup coffee, 2 large glasses water. Couldn't P. Walked a mile in cold wind. Nope. Finally got a sample at 10:10. Sure had to P. Got it to lab 10:30.

They guv me a plastic pot that sits on the bowl edge under the seat. I then poured it from that to the bottle. She washed her hands with hand cream. I got that rinsed off and then she couldn't get soap outta the pump - took off the top and poured out enough soap to wash an elefant. I shooed her into the laundry room while I worked in the BR. She didn't know what to do with the soap on her hands. Got that squared away then she was totally confused about what to do with the running water from the faucet............

So that's how to spend 3 1/2 hours getting a urine sample. The hell of it is that whenever we leave the house she has to P first. Never fails.

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CA Kate

And, others wonder what we caretakers do with all our time... besides write on this Forum. ;-)

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When my kids were little, I used to joke about how long it would take for me to just go grocery shopping for a couple of items. Between the diaper bags, the snacks, the pacifiers, strapping them into their car seats, and then once at the store parking lot, getting them unhitched from the car seats, carrying them or holding their hands while we walked to the store -- all this added at least 20 minutes to what should have been a quick stop. And then reversing the process for the trip home.

Then I started taking my elderly mother to her doctor appointments. Nothing else compares. It made the memories with my children seem positively fast & efficient.

Time & energy are the most precious commodities when you're a caregiver.

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I get regular blood tests since I have kidney failure. Once a month I get 'stuck" with a blood draw and have to P in a cup. Twice recently I couldn't go, so I chose to drink water, sit and wait and give urine sample later. Annoying but my own fault. I have a fear of wetting myself in public so I always go before I leave home.

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CA Kate

Some days I wonder what I did with my day. Last night I was up until 1 am with DH's clogged catheter. He finally urinated 1800 cc; it took two hours to finally let the last of it go into the bag. Today I will need to take a nap. At least he is getting over the flu.

(It took two hours because you can't just let them totally empty a super-full bladder... they'll go into shock. It's 500 cc at a time, wait 1/2 hour, another 500 cc and another wait until the it stops filling real fast and the flow goes back to normal.)

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