Mother's in the hospital

fairegoldDecember 21, 2005

The aide at her Assisted Living home found her on the floor this AM. She had fallen soemtime during the night. Staff called the ambulance, and she was at the ER by 8:30, I met up with her there a little later. Xrays and CAT scan all ok, in that nothing is broken. Looks like pneumonia. She admitted, on antibiotics and an IV, and was a lot better when I left at 6 PM than when I first saw her at 9 AM. I'll be there all day tomorrow.

Wish us well. She really has turned terribly weak, no matter the cause. Very scary.

A note: while we were in the ER, they brought in her neighbor, also 95, who had fallen and appeared to have a broken hip!

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Oh dear. I'm so sorry to hear this, but thank God she was found quickly AND nothing is broken.

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You have my thoughts and prayers,

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Oh, wow. IÂm glad your mom is on the mend, and feeling better. Do you have any idea when sheÂll be released? IÂm keeping you and your mom in my thoughts. It must be really scary to have your mom in the hospital, especially since sheÂs gotten so frail.

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Fairegold...thinking about you all. I hope she is improving and gaining strength. Keep us posted. DerryW

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Helene, just wondering how things are now, and how are YOU holding up? I'll say a prayer for you and your Mom tonight. debbie

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I'm so sorry, it will be an anxious Christmas. I'm so glad she didn't break her hip. It's very scary, we are sending all our supportive thoughts your way. Give her a hug from all of us, and give yourself one too.

Take care and try and have a good Christmas.


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(((Helene))) My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your mom. You have been so dear to her. Keep us posted.

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When I said "a lot better" that was relative to how she was when she first gott here. It is very apparent that she is not going to recover or even get better enough to go home. Maybe not even to a nursing home. I don't think she has long, honestly.

I did 12 hours today, but I had to come home. Last night she pulled out her Foley and tried to get up, so they moved her just for the night to a room next to one with a 'sitter'. They called me at 5 AM. We got her back to her regular room, and she wa spretty restless all day. Not very coherent at all, if ever. The hcase manager said that she's fine here, so they won't kick us out.. Under rules, she has to get getting some sort of treatment, and the IV with antibiotics counts.

As for me, tomorrow I will, if at all possible, go to my support group, and I plan to be at the hospital for 12 hours or so. But I need a night's sleep, so I'm off to bed. hope I can sleep better than I did last night. Have to be there by 7 because that's when the doc shows up.

Thanks to all for the good thoughts, and all prayers are appreciated. SHe's had a terrific life. ANd her 96th birthday is 1/10.

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Hugs to you Helene, it's quite a burden to bear on your own. I hope your mother recovers her wits and her health enough to enjoy life. She's very lucky to have a daughter who is close enough and loving to be with her.
Keep us posted, I'm thinking positively.

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Dear Fairegold, or better.. Helene,

I am so sorry that you are facing this turn of events right now. My truest best wishes are riding in your direction, and I will remember your family in my prayers.

Not wanting to give you false hope, but truthfully, I have been close to several very elderly and frail people who've somehow come out of their medical calamities when it seemed to be the darkest moments. Life can be an amazing dynamic that's not well understood by even the greatest of minds and hearts.

Regardless of what is in the future for her during this bout; for her to know the love you give is a blessing that is the most beautiful to have.

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Mother's been ready to die ever since Dad passed away 6 years ago. No, there will be no miracle recovery. But her last days will be as dignified as can be managed in a hospital.

None of my brothers are coming out to see her.

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I cannot imagine your brothers not coming. And, I further cannot imagine the grief and stress you must be under.

When I was little, I was raised by my grandmother, and she also took care of her mother, who was my great-grandmother. My Great-Grandmother died after suffering from what they then called, "Senile Dementia", and contracting pnuemonia.

The strife and angst of being there for her as she "let go" of this world and floated to the next, isn't a memory that rips my heart out, but it is a memory of the most loving and wonderful moments of my life, moments that we shared together that warms my very soul to this day.

I know how hard it is to be there now.. to love her so much. To wish that you only had more time to tell her things that fill your heart and soul. I know that love. I know that from an unconditional point of view that is a glorious gift from your mother to you too.

So, as these days pass, I will remember you in my prayers even more deeply than I first mentioned. I will pray that the love, the joy, the heartfelt peace of being together will always be what remains in your heart, and her spirit..

The difficult, but tender mercies of your loving bond will see you both through these last days..

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Does your hospital have Hospice services? It may make her time there a little easier. Or perhaps even move her to a Hospice Home if there is one near you. They are usually better staffed to handled a situation like yours. It's hard to say just what would be easiest on the both of you. Please know that we are thinking about you and wish that we could in some way help you carry this burden.

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Update. Mother was quiet all day today. Very quiet.

But she woke up and was very lucid by 5 when I was leaving. (I am too tired!) She still has no appetite. Problems during the night, Sundowners? and ripped out her IV last night. She still is not eating, but I try to interest her at every meal.

UTI seems worse than expected, but they are still comparing xrays (new chest xray this morning) with ones taken Weds, and ones taken last summer. Doc still wonders about the mass on her lung and the pneumonia.

I was so tired, I had to come home. Tonight I will take a benedryl to help me sleep BEFORE I waste two hours tossing and turning.

Nope, no brothers. Useless, simply useless.

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