Do you think i'm really weird?

heydeborahDecember 11, 2005

earlier this evening our "lovie" Buddy passed away unexpectedly. he was a week short of his 9th birthday. we wasn't feeling well for the past week, i just though because it was so cold out. well the 3 of us were with him when his time came. ds came over right away, and our wonderful next door neighbour helped him dig a grave for him, i wrapped him up with his blankey, fav. pillow and 2 of his toys, i am a nervous wreck! i have spent the last 4 1/2 hours crying my heart out, as with the rest of the family. (we didn't at all for Al's mother, that's why i think i may actually be weird!) this is 2 family members, plus Buddy in the last 7 weeks, i really am sad, and i told Al tommorow i better make a doctor appointment, before i have a nervous breakdown. Pls say a prayer for our "lovie" tonight, i know that you're saying he was a dog, but we got him when Al had his first leg amputated and it was one of the low times in our life and he did bring us so much enjoyment. Thanks again for listening to me! debbie

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Oh Debbie:
I am so very, very sorry to hear of your loss, your darling Buddy. Angel, in my world, my dogs are a part of my family, no one can tell me differently. They are completely devoted to us and give us unconditional love, a lot more than some family members are able to give.
In the past 25 years, we have had to put down 3 amazing Golden Retrievers, all to cancer. Not only did my husband and I cry our eyes out, but we both had to take a day off of work each time. For those who don't understand, well, in my opinion, it's their loss. There's just nothing like a 75 pound ball of fur plopping himself in your lap, gazing up into your eyes with his beautiful, soulful eyes and laying a big old sloppy kiss on your face...I'll take that any day over some of my family members...
Debbie, there's nothing wrong with you, let the tears flow, you are grieving for Buddy because you loved him and he gave you so much love...that's not weird at all; and don't let anyone tell you different.
Buddy is now at Rainbow Bridge and will remain there until it is your time to be in heaven, then he will cross that bridge and forever be with you again...

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I am so sorry that you have lost your beloved Buddy. You are not at all weird. Many of us cry our eyes out when we lose an animal member of our family. The grief can be terrible. Taking time off from work is not unheard of.

Sometimes we don't cry for a human member of the family because the death has been a long and difficult one. Then an animal dies and everything comes pouring out, a delayed reaction.

I hope that your memories of your sweet dog will give comfort and eventually, peace. He is indeed at the Rainbow Bridge, where my dear little gray cat and many other furangels are waiting to greet him.

(((((( Deborah ))))))

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Deb, Sorry to hear about your sweet Buddy. You are most certainly not weird.....we have also lost a loved animal and we all also cried and my dear husband said....he loved us your dear Buddy loved you all...I am so sorry for your loss. Nora

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Dear Deb,
My heart goes out to you. The loss of a beloved pet is so hard for those of us who love them. Sometimes I am able to "tell" my pets things I can't say to anyone else, and that gaze full of patience, love and acceptance soothes me.
i don't think it is weird at all that Buddy's death brought tears and sorrow. Please accept my condolences.

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Oh, Debbie, itÂs not weird at all. It would be far stranger if you werenÂt extremely upset. It has thankfully be a long time since I lost a pet, but it turns me into a complete wreck. Buddy was a much-loved member of your family, and of course you will mourn for him. My sincerest condolences to you and Al

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Our sweet furry one died the day of the funeral of my mother's mother-in-law. She had some of the relatives staying with her. She said that when I called to tell her, it was all she could do to make it to the bathroom to cry alone about Butch. She knew that none of my step-father's people would understand why she was crying for DOG when she had not shed a tear for her MIL.

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Lo siento mucho, mi amiga. Es normal. You loved him. I'm with Mimi....unconditional love is hard to ignore. We all need it. And those eyes....! (((Deb)))

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oh, lass... weird?

not at all.

a month after we took my dad off life support, we lost our Genghis Khat to the parvo virus...and scared the hell out of the neighbors by burying him in the driving rain because we couldn't stand the thought of them cremating him with a bunch of other animals... or leaving him in the house like that over night.

he was buried with an old feather pillow that 'only a cat could love' (three generations of humans had 'scented' it) with a cat nip mouse (one of the favors from our wedding- cat people got mice, dog people got dog bones, etc) encased in one of my husband's superhero t-shirts to keep the rain off him...and then there were the slate slabs we yanked out of the garden to mark the place...

and this was a lad we were trying to foster out!

but I've never made any distinction between the friends why have fur on their heads and the friends who have fur everywhere.

love is love, and greif is greif.

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I don't think you're weird. When my Grandmother died at age 77 after months of cancer, I did not cry at all. I was actually relieved. When my cat died two months later, I bawled.

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