American Standard's Deep Soak drain - is this really necessary?

lee676February 8, 2013

American Standard sells a "Deep Soak" overflow drain kit for bathtubs that increases the water depth by positioning the slots in the overflow drainplate near the top instead of at the bottom. It's fairly pricey, pushing $100, whereas generic tub overflow drain kits cost $25. Can't I accomplish the same thing simply by installing the overflow drain cover and gasket upside down? Or is there something I'm not thinking of that would cause a problem?

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Which tub are you getting? DD2 has an American Standard Deep Soak, but her overflow drainpipe does not look like that - it's horizontal and could not be replaced by installing overflow drain cover and gasket upside down.

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Those are the AS Evolution or Everclean tubs that have a horizonal deck about 2" below the top rim of the tub and only work with that specific overflow drain kit, I think called the Deep Soak Max or something. This is different, made to fit standard tubs with a vertical round hole a few inches below the top.

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