Wm Rogers and Wm Rogers IS patterns Help, pleasse

misscalidaDecember 2, 2011

Hi all,

I have looked at countless sites and patterns and have had no luck finding either one of these. I received them both from a great, great aunt in the '70s. I think one pattern is much older, based on her life and the markigns.

It is marked Wm Rogers with eagle and star. It is quite intricate. I have the meat fork and ladle (monogrammed). Here are links to the pattern images.









The second is newer, I believe. It is marked Wm Rogers with eagle and star but also has the IS marking. I have a service for 8, as well as serving pcs. All are in the original Int'l Silver yellow storage box and guarantee paperwork. Here are links to images of this pattern.





Thanks in advance for your opinions and expertise!! I'm crosseyed from looking at sooo many similar patterns! :-)

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I decided to give it ONE last shot, after days of searching and what do 'ya know.... I fond the pattern name for the large service (IS) marking. It is Precious Mirror.

I would still love to know what the pattern is on the meat fork and ladle... those are the ones that I THINK are older.

Thanks again.

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Fori is not pleased

Melrose. VERY pretty!

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Gorgeous ladel.

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THANK YOU fori! I truly appreciate your help. I was going cross-eyed from looking at the computer trying to find this pattern. :-) It's nice to go to the experts!

Thanks for the comment sheilajoyce. It is a beautiful piece. Have a good evening!

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