Help With Bathroom Layout

saw50st8February 6, 2012

We are preparing for our kitchen remodel and will likely have to replace the upstairs bathroom once we open the walls and see the condition of the pipes. Regardless, we are running new piping once the walls are open. Please weigh in on our layout. I have come up with one option: From Upstairs Bathroom

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1st layout have very good and in my view you need to go with.


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Proposed layout works great--bigger vanity though. I'd go at least 36" wide if possible.

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mydreamhome, thanks. I will flesh out dimensions once we fully decide to do this.

How deep should the outside closet be? It will be our linen and bathroom overflow storage (extra shampoos and stuff).

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Move the toilet closer to the tub and mount the TP holder on the side of the vanity. That will give you a bigger vanity.

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I prefer the proposed layout also, though bear in mind that relocating the drain lines may prove to be more expensive that it's worth to you...

Closet depth? You really only need 12" or so, because the stuff in the back tends to be treated like stuff at the back of the fridge. ;-) Pull-out baskets can make the space more useful, but I'd rather have the extra room inside the bath than in the closet.

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I'm with sweeby--no more than 12". And, you might even choose to do a built in cabinet there instead (so as not to waste 4" on the front for door.) Then, you can get the much desired 36"+ vanity.

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We have to replace all the plumbing (the pipes are lead and pretty shot). We are remodeling our kitchen and bathroom below, so the walls will be open. Moving the plumbing will not be very expensive.

12" seems so shallow. We have another linen closet (that we are losing with the kitchen remodel) that is 24" deep I think. Maybe I just don't fold my towels and sheets well :-)

Unless I do a 12" depth closet and then a tall cabinet in the bathroom. Which sounds pretty good to me.

Why is a 36" vanity so coveted? For Storage? (I don't do makeup/beauty products, so its not a huge deal to me, but I would like it to be functional).

I can also move the bathroom door to line up with the closet door. Would that be better spacewise? It would give me more wall space for decorating.

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