Holistic Assisted Living with Gardens Galore

arugulaDecember 4, 2010

I was fantasizing about opening an assisted living tonight- the kind I'd like my mother to live in, instead of where she is, which promised us the moon, but breaks my heart.

Anyone have experience opening a small assisted living?

Any experiences with residences that provide more holistic care?

Anyone else interested in this kind of care for your family member?

I'm in WI and would love to network with others to help this happen someday soon.


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Sound good, but have you looked into the rules and regulations the federal gov, state, county and city set? You still have to follow them and I am not sure what you mean holistic care. Would you open your own assisted care home? And I am not sure the gov would allow you or any one else practice this on other people--again health rules.
There are many homes under different Churches that do practice this type of care.

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You might contact Agesong in the SF Bay Area. I've heard their ads on the radio, and their website is good. Good ideas. It may be quite pricey.

Here is a link that might be useful: Agesong

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Agesong is a for-profit org. Not that they are necessarily bad, but we preferred St. Paul's (Lutheran) CCRCs after checking out a few (still have lots to go on the 'list', though).

Agesong's buy-in is much cheaper than St. Paul's, because of the way they differ in handling asst. living and nursing home care. The monthly rents are comparable for both. Expect to pay (in Northern CA, which is high-cost) about $2K/month for a decent-sized 1 bdrm/1 ba independent living apartment. This means you could manage with a cane, a walker is possible but a lot more awkward.

St. Paul's Lake Merritt hi-rise CCRC is our gold standard for comparison to all the others so far. We only hope we can afford them when it comes time to sell the house, LOL.

There are many types of facilities in every urban area; you just have to keep looking and asking questions. Many moderate-sized standard apartment buildings of recent vintage have elevators and are thus satisfactory for seniors who are still able to live independently.

Gardens are great - I have a large one myself. But I wouldn't expect that I could take care of an elderly senior needing assisted living, and still do all the garden work myself. My 82-yr old MIL lives with us, so this is something DH and I have discussed thoroughly.

I took care of my father when I was in high school, who was disabled from Parkinson's disease although he was still mostly functional at that point. But he'd have bad days every once in a while, and it wasn't easy to pick him up off the floor. Never underestimate how difficult it is to care for a disabled person, and how very time-consuming and exhausting it is.

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