Low/Mid-Range Wall Oven - Please HELP!

seadwellerFebruary 20, 2013

I'll cut to the chase...We're building a new kitchen, and I just spent a fortune on a rangetop and vent hood, which blew my budget out of the water. Knowing what dishwasher we'll buy leaves me with less than $1,500 for a 30", single wall oven.

After reading exhaustively, I'm as confused as I was when I started. The oven will be used for routine things, and my wife likes to bake, but not 4 times a week. 75% of the use will be baking potatoes, reheating stuff, roasting sausages, etc. Occassionally, cookies, muffins and the like. We do very little broiling.

I have a line on a Dacor Distinctive oven for $1K, but don't like what I've been reading. Then I've seen the Bosch 300 series for close to $1K. I'm not thrilled with the typical Home Depot/Lowes stuff, so which way should I go? I'm most concerned about good performance and reliability.

Thanks for any and all input!

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A lot of people have good luck at the Sears Outlet, if there's one near you. You might be able to find something that you didn't think you could afford. Also, I seem to remember that Kenmore ovens at Sears go on a big sale - like 50% off - in April and October.

Have you tried looking for floor models?

As far as brands, I know some people here like their Bosch ovens. I have Elux, which is considered dependable, but it would be too expensive unless you can find one at the Sears Outlet - which people sometimes do.

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Get a Bosch 500 series (lowest level) wall oven--within your price range, reliable, quiet, roomy. bakes evenly. Do a google search using the following: gardenweb forum + Bosch wall oven. Electrolux ovens also have plenty of supporters as well on this website.

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I second Ginny's rec of Sears outlet. They have a website, but check local stores as well. We got our 27" Elux from the outlet store a year ago for about half list price. It was a floor model, but it had never been turned on and arrived in pristine condition. We went over it very thoroughly and cannot find a single ding or scratch. You have to keep watching the website and when your chosen model appears, get it quickly! Elux disappears within minutes of being posted.

It came with full manufacturer's warranty, but against my better judgment we also got Sears' extended warranty ($250 for 5 years, concurrent with Elux warranty), just for DH's peace of mind. We exercised the warranty for the first time recently when I thought it wasn't heating as quickly as it should. We had a service person within a day of calling who checked it out thoroughly and told us it was operating perfectly. He also gave us some extra information about cleaning, maintenance etc.


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