Best grout for shower floor? Epoxy?

marys235February 4, 2013

I really hate grout, and am re-doing my master bath with rectified porcelain tile so I can get the smallest possible grout line. My shower floor will be done in 2" x 2" files, and I read that with that size, you really need to have at least a 1/8" grout line. I don't think I need epoxy grout on the whole project, and I'm reading that it's quite a bit more expensive and really overkill for most residential projects, but I'm wondering if I should ask for it on the shower floor only. I really don't want stained, mildewed grout ever again, and with my tile color, I will have to have a light color grout.
If I use epoxy on the floor, but not on the walls of the shower or anywhere else, will the grout colors match? Is there anything better than standard cement grout but not as expensive or difficult to work with as epoxy, that will give me the same benefits as epoxy? Any information will be much appreciated. My tile person told me he uses standard cement grout, and would use sanded on the shower floor, but he would probably use epoxy if I insist. I got the impression it was not something he normally used.

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I used epoxy on my shower floor, but mainly because it's a steam shower. My walls are a different tile thus a differnt grout color altogether -but the same tile/grout was used on the main bathroom floor. the epoxy changed the color ever so slightly, but since it's separated by the shower threshold, it looks totally fine.

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My shower floor tile is just a smaller version of the shower wall and bathroom floor tile, so I'm concerned a change in the grout color will be pretty noticeable. Is Grout Boost an effective product? Anyone used that?

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One difference if you have epoxy grout on the shower floor and regular grout on the walls, is that regular grout darkens when wet. Epoxy grout stays the same color. It's not a big deal, as you're not showing your house to sell when the shower's wet, but it's something to be aware of.

I've used epoxy grout in some rooms and regular in others (DIY), and I would definitely use epoxy grout on a shower floor to ensure I could keep it clean.

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Grout boost did nothing for us except turn the grout white. We had to seal the grout with a enhancing sealer after removing the white with acid. The grout sucked up the sealer like a sponge which indicates the grout boost was useless. Definitely use epoxy. My contractor did the nicest job with the epoxy, much better than he did with the regular grout and it was very easy for him to work with.

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