Danby/Avanti/Marvel dual temp undercounter bev center

ZalmarkFebruary 1, 2012

Anyone have experience with the Danby DBC7070BLSST, Avanti WBV2IDS or Marvel Luxury Series 6BARML?

First two are just what I want - reasonably priced dual temps- wine and bev storage behind french doors. Worried about quality and service.

Have had a Marvel wine cooler for 10yrs w/NP but we are moving and I'd rather spend the money on my BS!


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Hi Zalmark. I shared this info earlier this week, but the posts drop, so I thought I'd share again.

We are building a new house and are using an under counter bev center. We did lots of looking. And as usual, we worked our way around the showroom, constantly moving up in quality and price. Finally got to what the sales guy told us was the best one one the market, a Perlick. Not officially a dual zone, but it's laid out so that the wine is on the top because as we all know, cool air drops so the bottom is naturally colder. I think sub-zero also uses this theory. The inside of the unit is all stainless, it's really beautiful as well as having a great reputation. Most people don't know about this brand, they have been primarily found in commercial settings. But they have moved into the residential market. And they are the kind of company that listens to customer feedback and responds.

So, why would I be telling you to look at such an expensive unit? Because I found their website. And on their website they have Factory Seconds. If you are like us, we are building it in and only the front will show. So, we have ordered one with a small dent on the side. The cost for this unit in the store was $2k. On their website I grabbed it for $860.

I'll give you the link, but please, call Scott. Tell him I (Karen) told you to call. He is great to work with, so friendly, and he will make you a great deal. He also will look for exactly what you want, I don't think everything is on the list.

My opinion is you owe it to yourself to check it out.

Do a search on the appliance forum, for Perlick. I'm sure the 2 recent posts will come up. There is a very good description of how great these are.

Here is a link that might be useful: Perlick's Fatory Seconds

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I was looking at the same alternatives when I came upon a Marvel 6BARM for about $900. So scooped it up. It was on sale at my local appliance store. I thought it was an open box or something, but it was brand new in a sealed box. So far it's been great at keeping temps. My only complaint is that it can be loud when the compressor kicks in. I think it's my loudest appliance. Fortunately, because it keeps temps so well, it only comes on a few times a day. But you probably know that already.

I have to say though that those Perlick deals look great. Had I known about those, I might have ended up with one of those instead.

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Sorry so late to say thanks for the info- 2 family health ER. I live in rural Pa (more appliances on the front porch than in the kitchen!)so worried about service but will ck them out!

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shouldn't have to worry about service. They are sold at a lot of places. You can probably find a local dealer on their website.

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