Waste drain for the 21' Jacuzzi Cetra tub--what can I use?

green.homeownerFebruary 9, 2012

We are planning to purchase Jacuzzi's 60"x32"x21.25" soaker tub (CTS6032BLXXXX) to replace an ancient tub in our three-wall alcove shower. Their 26" "universal" cable waste drain looks pretty crummy and does not seem to be universal. How can I cobble together a better drain? What I really want is an old-fashioned waste cover and chain plug (something like the Nottingham Brass extended chain and plug tub drain). The drain trim is easy enough to figure out, but I don't understand what I need in terms of pipes to fit this deep alcove tub.

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Whoops--subject should read 21". Maybe that typo will get someone's attention...perhaps someone who can tell me how to edit the subject line of a post.

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