What do you think this is?

millymooDecember 6, 2012

Hi all! I reecently picked this up at an estate auction for $10. I LOOOOOOVE this piece and was so happy to get it.

Now, I believe this is a liquor cabinet/bar. It is octogonal in shape with 2 top-opening side cupboards that are perfect for tall bottles of wine & liquor(IMO). The drawers seem suited for bar implements-top drawer has an insert with boxes for possibly corkscrews, swizzle-sticks, etc.
My husband doesn't believe this is a bar but is possibly a 'knitting' cabinet-I have no idea what that is but he thinks someone would store tall needles and wool in the side cupboards.

What do you think or know it is? Additionally, if you happen to know approx. time period this is from, I'd be very grateful. I'm guessing 50's or 60's but have no real idea. It is dark wood, stands 26.5 " tall and is 26 " wide.
I will be using this as a bar.
Thanks very much!

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sorry, the site took out my image when I pressed submit-gee! This is it!

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It looks like a knitting cabinet to me. The ones I've seen have three drawers instead of two, but they have the same angled side bins. The drawers were for small needles and miscellaneous sewing supplies, the sides for storing skeins of yarn. My mom had one, but she used it mostly for sewing supplies. One of the drawers had small dowels running from side to side to store thread spools on.

But if it works for you as a bar, go ahead and enjoy it!

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Yes, it is a sewing or knitting cabinet. A lovely one at that.I love the slender legs. I think it may date a bit earlier, 40's or 50's. It appears to be in good shape. What a steal at 10$ and a great idea to use as a bar! Cheers!

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Thanks for your replies camlan & staceyann63!

I also posted this on the decorating forum and people there, like you, thought it was a sewing/knitting cabinet or a Martha Washington sewing cabinet.

In the little research I've done since it appears that the 2 drawer style I have was likely made in the 40's or 50's. It is dark wood stained to look like mahogany.

I wish I knew a little more to really date it. It had a paper sticker on the bottom of the base but when we touched it, it disintegrated in our hands.

I also love the slender legs and the general look of it. I was really surprised that no one else was looking at this piece-it seemed to be overlooked by most but then most of the auction go-ers were old guys looking for tools. When it came up for bid not one person bid & by the time the auctioneer said '$10'I was barely breathing, lol!

When we got it, I did everything to hide my excitement but once we got it to the car, I was ecstatic!

I think it works really well as a small bar-the side 'pockets' are tall enough to hold large bottles of wine & spirits and the top surface is just wide enough for a chic little collection of cocktails & carafes.

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