Toothbrush stand - what was this hook for?

jlc102482December 19, 2012

I have an antique toothbrush/cup holder stand that has a hook at the end of one of the arms. Initially I thought it was a toothbrush holder, but its opening is very narrow, probably too narrow for even an antique toothbrush. What else would it have been for?

Here's a photo. It's the thing directly above the soap dish.

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Razor maybe?

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Actually this appears to be a Shaving stand, a spot for shaving cup, Shaving soap and a spot for a shaving brush.

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Caswell MAssey still sells shaving stands and, well, they dont look like this. Usually there is a mirror at the top. Even the large-sized standing ones (usually wood) had mirrors. Moreover, those look clearly like a cup holder (round) and soap bar holder (rectangular)

Id recommend looking through a reprint of a turn of the century Sears Catalog. (or an original if you can get your hands on one)

I have a glass and toothbrush holder that mounts to the wall that I found in an 1896 reprint of the catalog. Soem are online, some are paper.

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