gabby_49December 3, 2005

Hey again. Just wanted to say I am having a "breast biospy" in another week. On a mamogram they detected a small spot. Went to a breast surgeon, as didn't want to trust the hometown doctors. The surgeon said she did not see anything to suspiscious, but wants me to have the biospy to be 100% sure. Ofcourse I am scared,and want it over with. I have read the internet on it and find alot of info. Just to scary for me. It is just a women thing, but what we have to go through. Anyway, just thought I would share that ,and see if someone has any information or on if they had any and what they went through. Be back soon...Hugs All Of You.....Gabbby

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Gabby, good to see you posting again. Yes, those little spots can be worrisome until you find out for sure. Most of them are nothing to worry about. And when there is a problem, catching it quickly like your doctor has done, is a VERY good thing. So don't fret and let us hear.

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Thanks PB....I know regardless, I will worry, but as you said, if they catch it quiclky and can get it, then all the better.They are saying it is a "complex cyst", so it will be better to find out for sure. Just hoping I get good results.Time just lingers when you have something like this coming up. I want to turn up the clock and days. How is the weather where you are at? We have no snow, but cold, guess winter is set in. It will be busy for the next couple weeks trying ot get ready for Christmas. Hoep you have a wonderful holiday....HUGS Gabby

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Gabby its good to see you posting again! sorry to hear about the breast problem you're dealing with....been there done that!! 3 1/2 yr ago I had a lumpectomy, mine was in the early stage, confined in the duct. I had to have 34 radiation treatments, but have been clean since, just had mammogram in Oct! it doesn't mean every spot is cancer, but it is better to have the biospy and find out for sure! will be praying for a good report for you, put it in God's hands, His will be done!!! hope you have a wonderful Christmas and enjoy your fruitcakes..lol DianePA

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Hi Gabby,

Good to see you posting again! I can understand how frightened you must be. I had a biopsy a few years ago and thankfully, it was just a small fibroadenoma. They had suspected that, but I would not have been able to "wait and see", as was one of the suggestions. I think it's better to know right upfront and have it taken care of. And it's good that you're going to a breast surgeon. That's all they do, so you can be sure you're in good hands.

Let me give you some advice: don't look for any more information on the web. You'll just freak yourself out (been there, done that). Sometimes there is such a thing as too much information.

Let us know how you make out.

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Dianne and Lasher show....You know this seems pretty common with these little milk babies( isnt' that what they are put there for and then we have so many problems with them)...Maybe God should have created them different. Women seem to have so much to have to go through for one thing or the other. What is a lumpectomy? Also LS, what kind of biospy did you have ,and the same for Dianne.I know some you are laid on your stomach with the breast through a opening. I just want to know what to expect. I have to have the "wire Localization...first and then leave that center and go to a hospital, where they will be doing the surgery. I am wonderign how I am going ot get from point A, to point B with a wire in the breast. I am sure they have tranportation or my DH can take me. This will be a excisional biospy...which is gold standard of the biopsies. Almost 100% sure. I bless all of you for giving me any information you can and have done. Thank you all...HUGS Gabby

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Hi Gabby:
First, let me tell you that I had a "lump" found on a mammo about 15 years ago. I had a lumpectomy - it was a benign tumor, and I've never had anything else since.
A lumpectomy is when they go in and remove the entire "lump" as opposed to just biopsing tissue, at least that is what I was told 15 years ago - don't know if things changed since then. I did not have the wire inserted, because the surgeon could feel it.
As far as researching the internet, I have always been one that needs to know, so I too have spent many nights reading up on things that interest me. Just be sure that you are getting your medical information from reputable web sites...Cleveland Clinic, Mayo Clinic, WebMD... Knowledge is power, and NEVER be afraid to ask your doctor questions. Gabby, good luck, Mimi

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Mimi...Thank You for sending information . They did not detect by examination but by ultrasound,that they seen something unusal. Therefore, they want to do the "biospy. Also they are removing the whole ball,and it is 7mil's in diameter, which is very small.I assume from the reports, that removing it all,makes me think it is not malignant, but I could be wrong. It is better to think "positive", than not. Also the report said very circumscribed, and no calcium deposits. The surgeon did not think anything to suspicious.Also they want me to discontinue any herbel ,and vitimins I take, which I take alot of vitimins. I take Vit C, which they want me to not take two weeks prior to surgery. I know that Vit C is healing and I am reluncant to stop it. They says it thins the blood,but also it can help in my opinion to heal the surgery faster. I would liek to know if any of you were told the same. I am not going to be home this week, until the latter part, so if you post and I do not answer, that is the reason. I know this is not the appropriate place to be asking questions, on this site, so please excuse me. I just know there are very understandable people on here when I was cargiving. They were so good, and actually helped me alot. Thanks again to all of you. Sednig nlots of HUGS Gabby

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I had a stereotactic core needle biopsy, which is basically a needle biopsy done under computerized mammography. You're sitting up, they numb the breast with lidocaine, the radiologist takes a sample from several different areas, and as he/she does this, the mammography technician is plotting it on the computer. It's really amazing technology. I opted for this as opposed to an excisional biopsy, because they were fairly certain it was benign. Also, because it was so small, the multiple samples they would take ensured an accurate diagnosis. A year later, when I went for my annual mammogram, the radiologist said she wouldn't have even called it if she were to just see that mammogram now.

My cousin came with me and I was in and out of the room within about 15-20 minutes. She was floored.

I'm sure they will have transportation for you. They can't let you walk around or drive with a wire in you -- talk about liability!

Also, it is imperative that you follow their instructions and discontinue any herbal meds or other meds that they tell you to. They DO thin the blood and they do not want you to lose more blood during surgery than you have to. You don't want to end up needing a transfusion, do you? There is plenty of time to heal the body once the surgery is over.

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Lashershow...You have helped tremendously, and bless you. However something you mentioned I am concerned about. I breifly spoke with the breast surgeon when I went for the examination. I had forward all my reports to this Breast Center from where in my hometwon I had them taken. Anyway, she examained me and felt no lumps, they say this is deep in the chest area. Ok, she said she would do the biospy and put me in a mild sedation with IV, then maybe one little stitch. I can not understand and have read why I don't have other options, like you said. You opted for the needle biospy, instead of excisional one. I did ask what kind of biospy and she stated the excisional, and that is the one this paticular surgeon does. I am wondering WHY I can not choose, however I guess they know what they are doing and maybe I should just leave it at that. BUT I read also where you need to discuss other options that they have like vacummn and needle core, and such. What to do?

I think from what you said, I will heed your advice and stop the Vit C, I do not want a tranfusion...and I guess that very well could happen. Ohhhh my...what decisions.

I will be anxietly waiting on anything anyone can tell me. The ones I talked to have come out just like you, wasn't no big deal. I guess maybe I am putting more into this than neccessary....you know OCD (ing) about everything.

I think I need to speak with the surgeon and ask why she prefers this biospy over some of the others methods. I will be leaving today as I have to go with DH in the R.V. at Indy, but will return by the latter part of the week, and check again. You all are such precious beings....HUGS TO YOU ....Gabby

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Different surgeons have different methodologies. In my case, I went to one surgeon who immediately wanted to excise it. I didn't like him or his (lack of) bedside manner and I sought a second opinion. I live in the greater Boston area, home of the some of the world's finest medical institutions, so I went to a breast center affiliated with one of the hospitals. I specifically asked for a woman radiologist and the way I was treated was completely different. The choice was up to me and I chose this.

I would advise you to ask your doctor why she is recommending this particular procedure. It may be that the hospital does not have the equipment to do a stereotactic biopsy. It might be that this is just the preferred methodology of this particular surgeon.

But one thing you should keep in mind: if they thought this was really serious, they would have you in there very quickly. People told me that when I was going through it, and it's true. When my mother was diagnosed with her brain tumor, she had the MRI at 1, then called me at 5, and she was back at the doctor's at 8 that night. So if it's serious...they move. Again, the liability factor. You won't know for certain until the results come back, but try to relax a little bit (as best you can). I know it's hard.

Don't read any more information on the Internet!!!!


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Lashershow, I am back after this week being gone, and I did call and ask WHY, she perfers this biospy over some of the other alternative biospies. I know all the surgeons have their own personal ways ,but the nurse said, could be a possibility that when they do the wire localization, it will aspirate and then there will be no surgery, however, she said the bisopy that she choose, could be alot of reasons she is doingit this way, and I gathered she has reasons ,so I dropped it. I sure hope it will aspirate ,in the wire localization and not have to have the other treatment.I also think and have been told that if she thought there was nay serious danger she would have gotton me in sooner. It doesn't make it any less worrisome, but soon it will be over. Boston area,huh....any snow there. We got a huge storm night before last and dumped about 7 inches. Well, I will check back in soon...HUGS and Thanks...Love Gab

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Yes, we got a whopper of a snowstorm yesterday and even had thunder and LIGHTENING, if you can believe it! (New England: gotta love it.)

I'm glad you called and asked some questions. When are you having the procedure?

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Hi Gabby, dear friend! :) Yes, please let us know when you're going so we can be praying for you...

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This is so old, but found it again, so am posting, saying all was fine. They aspirated it and it went away. Wheeee, what a scare. Lets hope anyone who has to go through that, comes out with great results....thanks so much for all the info...HUGS and MORE.....Gabby

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