Getting my power chair next week

mikeandbarbDecember 6, 2008

Now I have to get a lift for it. I'm thinking of getting the outside one cause it would take up so much room on the inside of the suv. Plus the inside ones cost a lot more and when we get another car I would think the outside lift could be removed and put on another car.

This is not an easy step for me to take but I cannot go anywhere where I have to walk, stand or sit for more than a half hour. I clean house the other day and I'm still paying for it so I may need to see about getting help with house cleaning. Do they let you take this off your taxes if it's a service you have to have?

Also we'll have to look into moving in the near future cause our house will not accommodate the power chair and it would be to costly to do a remodel on the kitchen and laundry room. Don't know how it will work in the bathroom.

Not to mention that our living room in sunken so we'd have to have ugly ramps for me to get in there.


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Barb, good luck with the power chair. Reading your post reminds me that every improvement to our lives that we make seems to require a dozen other adjustments. Nothing is every easy.

I'm so sorry that you're dealing with such physical limitations and hope the power chair will help you.

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