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gabby_49December 3, 2005

Hi everyone,

It has been so long. I for some reason couldn't get on this site and fianlly gave up. After writing Abreeze, she gave me a link and I got right on, Bless her. I am glad to be back,and as you probably all know my MIL passed away last Feb 8th. I had cared for her for 4 years and 8 months to be exact. This Christmas will be so different with -out her. I miss her at times ,but don't miss the caring part. As you all must know, it was not somethingI choose, but endured with great respect for her. I however did what I could, along with several vent sessions ,(many along the way on here). I thank you all for listening and caring and have never forgot you all. Thought of you all often, and Hey Deb, sorry to hear about Al's Mother. I know you and her had several rifs, but still she was Al's mother. I do understand Al's frustration and am sorry for his loss. I haven't heard anything about Nora, ofcourse I couldn't converse, so I lost track. There were so many of you, I forget what is going on. How about Derry, does she post much anymore?

Things are good on this end. I am even talking to the witch of a sister (my husbands sister) again. Never to forget her evil ways, but trying to forgive. It was pitiful when she came here to see her sudden interest in her Mom's condition , when her Mother was dying. She had not seen her in five years, but came when she was dying. She sqandered around saying ,she may have to get vacation time, before she came. I said "look you Mother is not well, you better forget any vacation time, and COME NOW. Well she was here two weeks and her mother didn't not even respond. And oh yes (she stayed with us). She kept saying, Mom will get better and then we can all cook out on your deck and she kept telling her Mother this. I thought to myself..." ok God give you a second chance with your Mother 5 years ago and you moved and wanted us to take her, he won't give you another chance"!!! The way it turned out, she passed on. It is her who will have to live with that. I can and have told her many times, I had wonderful years with Lara, and she was a blessing to be around. Anyway all is resolved.

We are still on the road and moved closer, went to Indy, because of high gas prices. Dh was going to retire but thinks he may work sometime longer. We are still not close to social security yet. As usual another "year" has passed and here it is almost Christmas. I am behind in gift buying, but am all decorated, that is the house ,and am continuing to pick up gifts every now and then. It will all come together as it always does. I have to keep up the tradition of the "fruit cakes" as Lara handed it down to me, and oh is the stuff expensive. Well you all have a Wonderful Holiday, and New Year....and glad that I can post once again...Hope the ones with elderly parents ,and sick family members find happiness through the holidays and lets says the ones with STRESS, God will take care of all of you....I am NOT sure how I GOT through it all, BUT I DONE it....AND SO WILL ALL OF YOU....Blessings Gabby

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Hi Gab! :) I'm so glad the link worked for you. You've been missed! :)

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Oh Gabby! it's so nice to hear from you! Al, the kids and i are all fine, and i did want you to know that in all of our years together, i never did once "mouth" back to Al's mother, which there were many times i wish i did!-lol, but i was taught to respect my elders, and i did do this. I did "try" to start up the Gabby's Chit Chat, but as you can see, you are the one! for this post and i hope that you continue to do it! WE ALL MISSED YOU!!! we are not decorated yet, i have no energy, and dd and i went to the mall on saturday nite, because of late hours and she informed me, that i'm no fun out looking anymore, she said we had so much fun before, i think i'm just plain tired, my doctor started me on vit.E for hot flashes, and vit. d for menopause, but good news i've not had a migrane in over 10 days! i'm so thrilled! i did however get our Christmas turkey on saturday at only 99 cents a pound, usually turkeys here are 2.99 a pound! i'm making afew smaller lap quilts to give to the receptionist and nurse at Al's doctor's office, since he goes to see him next Monday, let's hope it's not as cold then as it is today -28 degrees, yes, minus!!! our fur baby Buddy is in 7th heaven with the cold weather, he loves it! Matthew has phoned us at least 2 times a day! he wants to come home so bad, but i'm giving his old room a real cleaning, ok, i put all my craft supplies in there to re-organize and i need to put them back into his old,old room. GAs prices here have dropped alot from 1.20 a litre to 83.2 cents! 20.00 worth of gas lasts me about 3 weeks, well i better take Buddy out now, and GAbby, it's so great hearing from you!!!! debbie

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Hey there Gabby....What a stranger you have been! And Deb was just commenting in how we missed you! Glad things are good with you. You went thru a lot, so you deserve some "quiet water" for a while. I am OK, still looking in every few days, tho I don't always have anything to contribute. Snowing here today, so you know how I feel about that! LOL. Take care and stay well and in touch. Glad Breezy got you straight! Derry

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Well, well, well...I came on here to check in and see how things are going, and here you are! How nice to 'see' you again! We all went thru so much this past year, haven't we...and some of us still do..;-)

My Mother has adjusted very, very well into her nursing home, and is thriving. She's the type that the gals there just can't seem to stop spoiling, and she loves it! Jokes with them, uses her wit to tease them, and they think it's the cutest thing. LOL! She still knows who I am, and mentions my brother (who can't be bothered to email me and ask how she's doing but that's a whole other story!) and our DD. But she gets so quiet sometimes, and has her melancholy moments and gets tearful, but all in all, enjoys our visits. She said she's "going downhill" and it's so sad to hear.....I know I'm not supposed to say, Ah, Buckup! You'll be fine! because she won't be, and it just makes it more difficult for them to find peace. She turned 92 in September. We hope we can give her a Merry Christmas day!

Not much else, really....I'm knitting FunFur scarves for each of the full-time care-workers in her wing (about 6 done, maybe one more to go), as well as purple mittens for her former care-worker at our home to match the purple scarf (her fav colour) I knit her last year! LOL! As well as my first attempt at a "lacey" cap for our DD and matching mittens out of "Dream"...feels kitten soft and about as much fun to knit slippery! ;-D

Sorry to hear about the little lump in your breast; I always keep care-givers in my prayers, and hope it helps you through your excision/surgery. I feel confident it's not cancer, as she's removing the entire lump....seems more like an encapsulated cyst or some such....."Let Go and Let God", Gabby.

To all care-workers, their family and friends, I do sincerely wish you all a very peaceful, holiday season.


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Lynn....Thanks for the welcoming!!!I had thought about all of you just couldn't connect. Sounds as if Mother is doing well in there. I like to hear, when they are happy, instead of so sad and depressed. I am sure it makes her stay so much better. And helps you feel better about it also.

This Christmas will be sad with-out Lara, my husband Mother. Altho I complained alot, we never know how much we miss them until they are gone.

Thank You for the encouragmnet. I feel postive also that if it was serious, they would have prompted me in there sooner. I will know next week sometime. I sure hope for positive results ,with the holidays coming. Do have a Merry Christmas and thanks for writing. HUGS Gabby

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