Holiday Greetings

CA KateDecember 24, 2012

I just wanted to take a moment to wish you all well this holiday season and to hope you can each take some time for yourself to just relax. I know those moments are precious and a wonderful gift.


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Thanks, and the same to you.

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Thanks and Happy "Holidaze" to everyone. Mine was quiet and peaceful and I still enjoyed it. LOL

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Ours was merry usual. I made the mistake of not having the Caretakers because I thought there would be plenty of help. Will not make that mistake again. People got busy doing there own thing and didn't pat attention to Dad's needs. Oh well, live and learn.

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My hubby had a great Christmas, our younger daughter gave him a new TV. Lots of $$$ but mostly a lot of thought went into it.

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Thanks Westelle. Proviously we are also waiting for summer holidays which are coming for this April.But after my studies that golden days and waiting was gone now busy in my works.Hope offices also provide these type of vacations for atleast a week once in quarter.

Keep Smiling.

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CA Kate

Yes, Spring and Easter holidays are coming fast. Our DG and boyfriend are coming the week before Easter and the rest have off the week after. I guess we will have a full two weeks of company..... And I intend to have our caretakers here too. It's too hard to see to everyone's needs and DH's too.

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