Tell me what you think about the CL antique chest

tuesday_2008December 22, 2010

Something keeps drawing me back to this listing. Looking for a smaller type chest for a foyer, but now sure about the small drawers on top. Would limit my "flat surface" area.

What I really need your folks input is: does this look like an antique to you? It seems I have seen that type of carving on 70's and 80's BR furniture. What about the knobs? Do they "go" with the chest?

Would a lamp look OK on the top with the small drawers?

Just tell me what you think about it.

I like the price. I like the condition that it appears to be in. What would I need to do to the wood to freshen it up?


Here is a link that might be useful: CL Ladies Antique Chest

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Can you see where there has been a mirror attached the back at one time? I had a lady's dresser a lot like that, only it was on legs and I also had a small writing desk in that style, without the mirror, of course.

I don't know and never bothered to research the age on mine, and just figured somewhere in the 20s probably.......and the wood on mine was very light-weight. It may not translate at all into your piece. The knobs are timeless and they still sell porcelain knobs like that. Even if it is a more modern piece that's still a modest price and you can't get corregated board chests at a box store much cheaper.

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Calliope, Thanks for your input. I haven't called or looked at this. Good point about a mirror being attached previously - I will ask about that. I'm thinking it is in a consignment shop or antique mall, rather than a personal seller - there is a tag hanging from a knob.

This is more a decor concern, but I am a little hesitant about the 42" heigth. I was looking for something to put a lamp on and perhaps some art above it. I'll have to think about this - maybe a vintage tiffany style or a bouilette brass - not too tall.


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Fori is not pleased

It's cute, and would probably look good in the foyer, but I'm not sure how a lamp would work out. You might have to get a pair of really small ones. It does sort of look like it's in a shop, so at least it might not be too awkward to go look it over.

Go look! And get some better pictures! :)

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Looks to me like an old eastlake ladies dresser wanna be.
It's missing the key hole and the carving isn't just right...It would have had bail drawer pulls if it were a real old piece...but for $100 it's fine.
I don't believe it's a hall's a dresser...would be fine with a small lamp...

Linda C

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It's pretty and the price is right!

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