Trying to identify this stone

barrybudFebruary 16, 2012

Hi, So we were shopping for a vanity top for a bath remodel. Most of the room will be in shades of beige, Ugh, I know. I had to get a pop of color and picked 3X6 Multi-red Onyx as the accent near the top of the shower wall. Armed with that I wanted to get the same stone for the vanity top with a standard white china oval under mount sink. I couldn't find any slabs locally, but we did find this stone. I tried to get more info from the dealer but this is what I was told. It was told that it is quartzite from Iran (I know�) that they called Antique Fashion and it was a very close match to the multi-red onyx samples we had. The white line (not the veins) is the paint markers they use to mark the stone.

Label on the slab

There is a fine mesh on the back

Thanks for any input!!

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First, I can tell you it's a resinated stone.

"Resinating": Some natural stones can be delicate when sliced due to myriad flaws in the stone's natural structure. So resin is forced into the stone slab. When it hardens, it reinforces and solidifies the stone, allowing the stone to survive as a thinner slab.

What I can't tell you is if it's a natural stone that's been resinated for added strength, or if the entire thing is an agglomeration of bits and pieces of stone that is then formed into a huge block, flooded with resin, and then once the entire chunk has cured it's sliced into slabs. Meaning the entire thing might be man-made.

With the stone at least being resinated and meshed, I would be concerned about structural strength if it's going to be put into a challenging installation; cantilevered, or large sink cutouts, etc.

Nothing wrong with resinated stone. It has strengths, and it has weaknesses. Just like most other stones.

As to what "geological name" you can pin on that slab...I have no clue. They'll call anything "anything" to help it sell.

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