The Worse Move You Could Ever Make

goldyDecember 3, 2010

I was living in a senior building (and loving it)My granddaughter convinced me to move in with her and her husband in their new home.I had not unpacked and she said she made a mistake.They lived too far out and they both worked and I should not be left alone If I got sick.Well I'm now back on the waiting list to get back in my old building.Some days she comes home and she"s nice other days she goes straight to her room and does not speak.I feel awful like I have done something wrong.Needless to say I have to go outside to smoke.ever see an year old woman outside smoking?Most of my church friends don't even know I smoke.Now The whole world knows it.Just had to get this off my chest.I feel better now.A word to the wise .If you can still breath don't move in with Nobody .Stay on your own until they carry you out.

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I'm sorry your experience has not been a positive one and hope you are able to move back into your senior living building. Unfortunately, moving in with relatives does not always work out well.

Your story is a warning to all of us that the reality of having an elderly loved one living in the same house may not always match the fantasy. You've given us a different perspective -- from the point of view of the senior adult. I think sometimes we don't appreciate the difficult transition they must experience.

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I have lived in my apartment for 15years and watched people move out or I thought they had died.Later the same people are seen walking down the hallways.I thought maybe I had died and went to heaven.No they moved back in things did not work out.what made me think I could make it work?I should have my head examined.It really was not my fault entirely.I went out one day to go to the doctors and got lost for two hours and had to have someone come and bring me home.They said I needed to be where the doctors where closer and they have public transportations.They lived in a million dollar community and para-transit is unheard of there.I'm 80 I can bunch back it might make me live longer.Thanks for the nice pickmeup note and God bless you.

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Shame on your granddaughter for convincing you to move in w/her & then treating you as she is! Every person deserves respect & thoughtfulness - even when we're having a bad day or don't feel well. Your granddaughter is being very selfish. I'll be praying you get back into your familiar living arrangement soon. Maybe she could find the time & consideration to take you to your Drs appts - that way she is helping you, but you can still live on your own.

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