Tankless/wall-mounted toilet?

wondercatFebruary 20, 2012

Hi All,

We are about to start a master bath remodel and are considering using a tankless toilet. I'm looking for advice! Anyone have any expereince with this technology, what to look for, where to get them, what to avoid? Good idea or bad?


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I'm also hoping to include a wall mounted toilet in our two bathrooms being remodeled. I have done a fair amount of searching and not found too many reviews. Terry Love has a plumbing site and has a list of recommended toilets and there isn't a single wall mounted toilet in his list.

Reading elsewhere on his forum, there are a couple reviews that aren't negative (best one can hope for, I guess) on the Duravit brand. I was hoping for the Toto Aquia but can't find any reviews that are encouraging. Toto has such a good name, I was thinking this would be a good option but not sure at this point.

I can't remember where I read it, but I did read that if you have an old house with a relatively old sewer line (i.e. cast iron), a wall mounted toilet is not recommended. We have an old house but we have a new sewer line installed fairly recently so hope age is a non-issue for us.

Hope someone will chime in here with` some reports on having included a wall mount toilet in their remodel. Thanks for posting.

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They are all good. I have two.

In this post I'll write about the kind that have a tank concealed inside the wall, at the same height as a normal visible tank.

The Euro-style wall tank is often called Duravit / Geberit, (or Chicago-Faucet now that this company has merged with Geberit.) Around the world there are many toilet bowl manufacturers who make bowls that "hang" on this frame. The frame is called a "carrier". Use these words as your key words in your web search.

There is a Turkish competitor, a Japanese competitor, and an Australian competitor. All good.

key words in English = concealed tank ; carrier


There are other kinds of "tankless".


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Thanks David for letting us know your experience with wall-mount toilets. Seems to be what I hear, no one gives RAVE reviews but all seem to find they work just fine (especially if you have a plumber who has installed them before - apparently they can be a bit of a learning curve as far as installation).

On an earlier subject:
Excerpt below is from http://www.theplumber.com/fhb.html

Found the reference I made to an old sewer line. Think I was wrong when I said I read there was a problem with wall mounted toilets and old plumbing. This excerpt indicates ANY toilet with old cast iron sewer can be problem (but not necessarily - just something to think about).

"I've lived with l.6-gal. flushes for about eight years," according to Higgins. "Every six months, I retrofit a different style toilet off the shelf into my office bathroom, and I've yet to run into one I don't like. Kohler, Briggs, American Standard, Mansfield, Gerber. Someone's bringing a Toto by next week. In my office bath now, I've got a combination water closet and bidet-that's a Geberit and it works like a gem. I've looked at all of them. It's a matter of getting used to the product and not using the toilet as a wastebasket." One reason that people still harbor ill feelings against 1.6-gal. toilets is that the early models were not up to the duty. Although manufacturers saw the new ultra-low-flush regulations coming, they were caught with their pants down when the government finally acted. Some early l.6-gal. efforts were lamentably short of the mark. Cauldwell said he once got a letter from a major toilet manufacturer "apologizing for the fact that their 1.6-gal. toilet didn't work well but that they were required to make it. Sometimes the problem is in the pipes. A number of plumbers warned me that installing a 1.6-gal. gravity-flush toilet in an old house could lead to clogs and backups. Often, older waste pipe is 4-in. or greater dia. cast iron, which is a lot rougher on the inside than modern plastic pipe. When the cast-iron pipe was installed, toilets flushed anywhere from 5 gal. to more than 7 gal, of water. But now that they're down to 1.6-gal., that's often not enough water to power the waste through.

"Houses that have 4-in. to 6-in. cast-iron drains are a problem," said Daughtry. "When you put a 1.6-Gal. toilet in with that diameter pipe, it just barely makes the bottom of the pipe wet. As a retrofit in a house with old plumbing, it's lousy. Now I run high-use fixtures, like the washing machine, just after the toilet. The washing machine will help move that waste down the line." Washington, D.C., plumber Ken Goldman believes that retrofitting l.6-gal. toilets is the biggest source of problems plumbers have with the new fixtures. "We're using plumbing fixtures that were designed for the 1990s and putting them in plumbing systems that were designed for the 1920s," Goldman said. Thanks David for the plug for wall-mount. That seems to be what I find - no GREAT reviews but no real problems either especially if you have a plumber who is "up to date". Can be a bit of a learning curve for someone who has never installed one.

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Something to keep in mind is that most of the "carriers" require a wall framed with 2x6" lumber in order to fit.

There is/used to be a new version that is made to fit in a standard 2x4 framed wall , but it's not as easy to find and I have no experience with it.

Another reason you don't see many of these is $$$. The carriers run fro $500-1000 and the bowls cost roughly the same. Then there is usually a PIA charge from the plumbers.

$1000- $2000 for a toilet doesn't excite most people.

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I have a Toto Aquia matched to a Grohe which works quite nicely. The Grohe carrier required 2 x 6 framing.

The number of in wall carriers available today has grown. There are a number of models designed to fit inside a 2 x 4 wall from various manufacturers including Toto. The unfortunate thing as antss pointed out is the cost.

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Ah, yes. Cost! We just installed a Toto Aquia with a Gerberit carrier. We did have to reframe for a 2x6 wall (and then added furring strips along the rest of the wall to bring the whole wall out that extra 2"). The materials cost was about $600 (we already had a Toto Washlet that we're reusing). The framing was not much extra. BUT, the plumbing charge was. While the plumber's bill included additional work in the bathroom, it was not an easy job to reroute the plumbing for the wall-hung carrier -- probably another $500 - $600.

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I'm so grateful for all of this feedback!

The good news: we already have a 2x6 wall where the toilet sits. And, thanks to some rot issues, we'll be going to the studs on that wall. But that leaves still some expensive upgrades on a project that's already going to be expensive.

Thank you!

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We put in a wall mounted toilet in a powder room where we wanted to "use" an old antique toilet tank. We thought that the style of toilet would fool people into thinking the tank was operational, or at least not look as dumb as hanging a wooden tank right over a ceramic one.

I think ours is Duravit. It is perfectly fine. As for cost, this was part of a major gut reno/additions and many bathrooms done at once so I don't recall it as a stand out item.

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We decided to install wall mounted toilets and wall mounted cabinets in our house renovation. We wanted everything off the floor for easy cleaning and to give the bathrooms a larger feel. We installed Duravit toilets with Geberit carriers in the wall. We hired a plumber to rough in the plumbing ie install the Geberit. He had never done one before but I went over the instructions in the box with him as he was installing it and he had no problems. After we drywalled and painted ourselves I installed the Duravit toilets myself. It is really easy because the Geberit connections to the toilet are all done by rubber seals and bolts. No gluing required. I just had to measure and cut the connecting pipes to the correct length for the wall thickness and then tighten the nuts and blots that attach the toilet to the Geberit.

In terms of the toilet itself, it works great. No problems with low flushing. In fact, these toilets seem to work better than the floor mounted. All our previous toilets in several different homes seemed to block easily, but these wall mounted have never blocked on us.

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