Air vs water jets... Brands?

scotkightFebruary 19, 2014

We have to make some decisions in the next month. We have space in the master bath for a nice rectangular tub, and were looking at a jetted tub of some type.

Then we got locked by choice... too many options!

Anyone have any basic ideas?

Simple, rectangular only. Preferably a two person tub. Wild guess, around 80 gallons?

I'm not sure about air vs water jets...

Price, I think about 4k is as high as we want, though.. maybe a bit more with reason.

Don't care about light or sound therapy.

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I'm very happy with a now-13 year old Ultra Bain airjet that is *just my size*. (Think how often two would use this thing. I use mine -- alone -- a couple times a week.) Right-sizing keeps me from submerging, and the tub fills and empties FAST. Easy to wipe down. If you want long soaks, go with cast iron to retain heat, but this is fine for a shorter bath.

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check out Sanijet. I love mine.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sanijet thread

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I have a rather long thread on here that is still somewhat active, about Jason tubs, which is what I eventually bought. You can also search on Jacuzzi and you'll find a lot of comments about the gunk that builds up in water-jet type of mechanisms. Olychick's Sanijet does not push water through hoses, it uses removable jets that can be cleaned.

Here is a link that might be useful: Jason Microsilk vs Air (plus Bain Ultra) thread

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The sanijet units look interesting, but the number of jets seems to be really limited.

The Jason ones also look interesting.. but man. I just can't stomach spending 8-9k for a tub, before any other work or other expenses.

Btw, yes, I know a 2 person tub may slightly limit use due to fill time etc. That being said, it isn't optional.

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Mine was well under 8K but not built for two. Look at the basic and middle range of prices on their pricing sheets if you don't want/need chromotherapy or the fancier options. Consider carefully if you will definitely use it with two people all the time, or if a shower for two would be more practical, with a single tub for occasional use. I think the Jason site, and probably Kohler (they have the Tea for Two tub) will tell you how many gallons it takes to fill a particular model. You will also need to look at how many gallons your hot water heater can produce to fill it - or if you need hot-water-on-demand tankless type of setup. Otherwise you may find yourself sitting in a lukewarm tub.

Other tub brands include MTI and Jacuzzi. I think you will find they all fall within a similar price range if you want jets, air, or anything other than a soaker.

One of our subs said he installed a Jacuzzi and in the middle of the night the purge blower would kick on by itself, it became annoying so they disconnected it. He said they used the tub at first (novelty) and now don't use it at all.

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